San Francisco Jury Says FUCK YOU Trump!

Posted November 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

10 Responses to “San Francisco Jury Says FUCK YOU Trump!”

  1. Sherox

    If he is not guilty, then who is, jury? I hope that the family sues him.


    Sue him? For WHAT? He is a 5 x times deported Mexican illegal – who was a homeless vagrant when arrested. He’s got nothing to sue for – never will.

  2. Walter Knight

    Zarate admits he fired the stolen gun, but claimed it was an accident. He was only found guilty of felony possession of a firearm. Prosecutors in large cities across the country are having problems with politicized and often racist juries. Look it up on the internet. It’s an issue the media is afraid to discuss.

  3. Kojack

    I wonder what the verdict would have been had this MISCREANT been a white American citizen?!?!?

  4. Mt Woman

    Travesty of justice in megadoses!! As a people, we have become so non-judgemental that no one, no matter how heinous the crime, is found guilty. Trump needs to put an end to funding criminal cities, and we need to get really tough on immigration. There really is a difference between legal and illegal immigration.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Shocking and tragic… The guy confessed to possessing the weapon and pulling the trigger three times: THREE TIMES! But in California, in San Francisco, is anyone really surprised?

    I can just imagine the make-up of the jury…. And given the San Francisco environment, I can even imagine the District Attorney intentionally assigning the most incompetent prosecutor to the case. Just look at the charges. Because there were no charges refering to his illegal status and multiple deportations and felonies, testimony regarding those facts was not admissible. I’m not sure these facts would be germain to the shooting, but I do think a good prosecutor could have gotten it in, even if it was objected to and sustained. After all, you can’t un-ring a bell, or in this case, un-shoot a gun…. But again, this was in San Francisco, probably the sanctuary capital of the country.

    Back to the jury for a defendant who confessed to pulling the trigger three times….. I understand reasonable doubt, but a confession to three trigger pulls and not even an involuntary manslaughter conviction. Miscarriage of justice doesn’t even begin to describe it….

  6. FLICK

    I’m not surprised. This is the same state that allowed a popular football player to get away with murder. Same outcome-not guilty of the crime but will be found guilty for other reasons, the lawyers will have their payday but not the victims.

    Dear California: SECEDE ALREADY and stop sharing my Federal tax dollars! You’re on another planet anyway.

    I hope Trump keeps the thumbscrews tight on that lawyer that threatened him with his comments.

  7. Catherine

    Justice has NOT been served here. However, ultimate justice WILL be served.

    One of the repercussions of this travesty may well be an up-welling of support for the wall and the Rule of Law. Again, may I remind people that this battle is one we fight on our knees. No, NOT the slick willy way – the prayerful way.

  8. Varvara

    I have a feeling this guy is not long for this earth. Somewhere, somehow, someone will take care of him.

  9. Sonny's Mom

    Fri, 12/1/17 – 12:40pm – Caller “Polly”just alerted Jeff Kuhner’s audience about Jamie Eldridge’s sanctuary state bill. “They put that bill up, I’m going to put 10,000 people on the streets of Beacon Hill,” Kuhner just said.


    Thank GOD we still have a few Patriots!

    JamieBoy is a turd with legs….and gay!

  10. Sonny's Mom

    Problem is, even with Zarete’s changing stories as to how he actually acquired the gun, a charge of “first degree murder” doesn’t fit the facts of this case. (The charge should have been manslaughter.) Did the DA deliberately over-charge just to get an acquittal?