Sam Williams Stands His Ground!

Posted July 17th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Sam is 71, and has a concealed carry permit for his .380.  When two 19-year old gang-bangers decided to take down the Palms Internet Café in Ocala, Florida, Sam acted like a true veteran.  He put lead in both of them.

Meet the geniuses:

DuWayne Henderson and Davis Dawkins – age 19, striped jump suits, court dates, lifetime criminal records, lead souvenirs, and video replay.

Nice shooting Sam!

Of course if the Obama Economy hadn’t DOUBLED black unemployment, [40% for blacks under age 40] – these kids might have had real jobs at age 19.

8 Responses to “Sam Williams Stands His Ground!”

  1. Walter Knight

    But those two were shot because they were wearing hoodies. Where is the outrage? Where is Jessie and Jessie Junior? All they wanted was some Skittles cuz they was starving.

  2. Prim

    Go Sam! Would love to know what he was saying as he was blasting away! WAY TO GO – SAM !

  3. Anthony

    If Obama had a son he would look like DuWayne and Davis.

  4. Walter Knight

    I have never seen two people slither away so fast. It was like roaches when the lights turn on.

    If you rely on 911 and the police to save you, they won’t arrive in time. You must be prepared to defend yourself. For any liberals wandering by, this is not a hunting issue.

  5. John Smith

    How dare that man shoot at the two sons of Obama!

  6. thisGuy

    I applaud the shooter but the commenters on here are just racist idiots. Let me help you out: shooting criminals= good, shooting unarmed kid (Trayvon) = not good.

    And how does the writer of this know that they were in a gang? Or does the writer not know what “gang-banger” means? Obviously this is not reputable reporting. Just racists getting together to lament why nobody likes them.

  7. Brian McCue


    I’m glad you’re keeping active in your retirement! Keep up the great work and kudos for packing “heat”!

    We’re proud of you up here in Concord, NH
    Your former co-worker,

  8. Walter Knight

    Any criticism of liberals is racist. That’s because liberals have run out of ideas, so they smear their opponents with name calling or use class-envy politics.

    Travon Martin viciously attacked a man, bloodily smashing his head into the pavement, and paid for his violence. Too bad, so sad.