Salem’s Boy Wonder Seth Drops OUT!

Posted August 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Salem’s Boy Wonder never got any traction.  He was the Man With NO Plan…but he hates guns and Trump.

Frankly, he’s a shitty congressman.  Got a garage full of lawn signs Seth?   They’ll make great targets – you gun-hating twerp! 

2 Responses to “Salem’s Boy Wonder Seth Drops OUT!”

  1. Kojack

    If a MOONBAT drops out of a race for office that no one knows he was in, was he ever in that race at all?!?!?

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Last winter (12/11/18) the Globe predicted that Barbara L’Italien might primary Moulton, in part as retaliation for his having supported a challenger to Pelosi as House speaker…


    He is today a man without friends – either here or in DC, and the media is mocking him.

    Barbara L’Italien is just as bad a left-wing MoonBat – her last act was to demand that all high school teams drop names that ~ might ~ refer to American Indians, – as if schools can afford to go through that – on the whims of the PC left.

    I’d like to see a hard-nosed Republican take the twerp on.