Saira Blair Has The Winning Platform!

Posted May 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Republicans take NOTE: At age 17 – she just beat an incumbent Republican! Saira Blair Website
Saira was too young to vote for herself in Tuesday’s primary, – she’ll finish high school this  month – but she’s already finished the legislative career of Larry Kump. She faces a progressive democrat attorney in the general election.

Diehl Website

Elizabeth “Layne” Diehl may be running for the state legislature – but she’s also running from the Democratic Party brand.

NOWHERE on Diehl’s website does it show her party!

We have to carefully scrutinize these “progressives” [aka big-government socialists]; – they’re very careful to hide their clues. Here is a section from Diehl’s law firm website.
Layne Diehl progressive

Meanwhile, Kump can begin exploring new career options – or “more time with family”.

Saira beats Kump

I love Saira’s own round [non-Obama] logo! So far she has spent just $4,800 on her campaign. Saira won 872 – 728 – or by 55%. I think her dad – State Senator Craig Blair can be proud of her!

We should all be proud of her.

UPDATE:  Wed 5 Nov 2014   SHE WON!!  BIG!!! Beat the progressive attorney Deihl by 63%30% [3rd party candidate got 7%]. Saira is now a freshman at West Virginia Univ.

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