Sad Political Scene In Fitchburg

Posted December 4th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Unemployed Union Guys
Still Being Used By “Democrats”

You ~ almost ~ wouldn’t know there is a US Senate race underway here in Mass-a-Two-Shits.  If you watch any TV you become aware of four (4) democrats, all trying to out-socialist each other.  The most strident is our ethically challenged Attorney General Martha Coakley – best known for looking the other way when Democrats violate the public trust.   She’s been vilifying insurance companies in her ads. 

Last night in Fitchburg, Martha held a “rally” at Slattery’s Pub.  I went to gently challenge her supporters and maybe rattle a few cages.   I was early, but already a crowd of 25 union guys was on the corner holding Coakley signs.   Being the shy type – I went right over with my sign and started asking questions.  Their answers were pretty sad,  but explain exactly why Dems can rely on the “union vote” with a mere token campaign investment.

“So who’s Coakley?” I asked a sign holder.  “I’m not sure ~ I think she’s an attorney.” 

“What does she stand for?”  “I dunno.”  “Why are you holding her sign?”  “Union guys says …she’s a Democrat.”

“You got kids?”  “Sure do!”  “Did you know if your daughter went for an abortion,  Martha doesn’t want you notified, – and she won’t prosecute whoever knocked her up?”  Really uncomfortable looks and body language.

There was general grumbling about rich republicans,  immigrants from SE Asia taking jobs,  and companies not wanting to pay “the prevailing wage”.   So I asked:  “What is the prevailing wage when twenty local factories are empty?”   Guys looking at their shoes.   “You guys have voted for Democrats all your lives,  – and the jobs keep going away.  Think there ~ might ~ be a connection?”   More looking at shoes.

Ethically Challenged Attorney General Coakley - US Senate Wannabe

Ethically Challenged Attorney General Coakley - US Senate Wannabe NOTE: Union sign-holders for photo-op

And so it went for 30 minutes or so.   These guys were mostly out-of-work union guys who got called to show up for two hours of work – and maybe the only money they’ll earn this week.   Martha pulled up promptly at 5:30 and the crowd followed her inside.   But within ten minutes the union guys began filtering out.  “Leaving so soon?”  “Yeah,  I can’t afford to stay there when I’m not working”.  Very sad indeed.   These guys show up on demand, hold her signs, – care only that “the union guy said to”,  and then vote for her.   In their guts they have to know they’re being used, – but they’ve been doing this since 1932.   I kept asking them where the jobs went, – and they blamed the Republicans. 

Lesson for Republicans:   Don’t write these votes off.  Engage these folks on the issues they live with every day.  They are to the man highly patriotic,  – but have been fed Democratic/Socialist bullshit all their working lives.  Most don’t own computers.   They will respond to a dose of sincere interest,  and some solid facts.

Lesson for Democrats:  This generation of robotic union voters is rapidly aging,  and without factories is not being replaced.  You can only warehouse these votes a little longer.  Generations of your anti-business and anti-manufacturing legislation are having an unintended consequence – your voters may never smarten up, but they are dying off.   Their grandchildren may wise up to you. 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Sad Political Scene In Fitchburg”

  1. Christian

    Hey Mike,

    Great post on the Coakley appearance. We had a beer or two w. some of the union guys afterwards we talked issues and you’re right, if you talk issues with them they realize the Liberal movement only hurts them in the long run.

    You Sir are a patriot!

  2. J Flick

    Major cajones my friend! I knew too many of these guys who would screw on their hardhats and show up to collect their prevailing wage, whether they earned it or not. I serviced in every corner of Bethlehem Steel in it’s heyday, often the most work involved was pulling your shift to watch for management while others slept. Gee, maybe that’s why they’re no longer around.
    It’s a shame teachers will never learn that lesson.