Sad Old Markey Seeks Recognition

Posted February 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

He’s the loneliest and most inept of the 100 US Senators,  – and is seldom seen here in his former home state.  He’ll only show up for photo-ops when there’s been an outrage or mass shooting,  so he can utter a few left-wing clichés….

He showed up again Monday,  and the photo says it all – the juxtaposition of a lifetime of public ineptness and a well-meaning Black teenager,….but NOTHING of VALUE gets done.

Markey has been drawing a government paycheck for doing nothing for 50 years – since that fateful day in ’68 when college-boy Markey joined a Boston unit of the Army Reserve (a unit totally unlikely to be activated) to avoid being drafted for service in Vietnam.  He even wangled a 1-year ‘early-out’ from that unit – which drilled at the old Boston Army Terminal.

Since 1973 he’s been an ‘elected official’ – really an obedient left-wing toady, – a reliable far-left vote for any piece of legislation.

He hasn’t had a civilian job – meaning he hasn’t earned a real paycheck,  – since the summer he drove the ice cream truck.

He’s against guns (since those scary Vietnam War days) and roller coasters,  and he mostly stays in Chevy Chase Maryland with his Doctor/Admiral (Public Health Service) wife Susan,  – who makes sure his neckties are color-coordinated for his photo-ops.

Somehow he finds his way back to Massachusetts after every mass shooting event,  – to regurgitate the same crap about “getting the guns out of the hands of…” and “increased background checks…”,…and the trusty old “…ban on assault weapons…”.

Hey Ed,  how about a bill to restrict Federal Aid to ONLY those schools which have fortified themselves and have ARMED TEACHERS…?

Expecting the career government drone Markey to do ANYTHING would be like expecting government to come shovel your driveway.

16-year old Christy Paul may be thrilled to be sharing a microphone with a US Senator,  but someday she’ll look back and realizing the politician was USING HER – as a Black prop for HIS photo-op.

Get used to it Christy,  – its what Democrats do,  – here in Boston and nationwide; – they use people of color….

And they keep you under-educated (lousy schools with inept AA/EEO teachers),  dependent on your EBT cards,  and they con you into believing that Democrats will someday lead you to the ‘promised land’. Sure they will….

Christy,  did either your teachers or Senator Markey suggest that ~ somehow ~ Americas might agree – or be forced – to surrender their 400,000,000 privately-owned guns?   Were you silly enough to believe them?

Democrats like Markey would rather give sanctuary,  jobs,  citizenship,  and free college to 13,000,000 illegals – than give you a fair shot at either college or a good job.

Christy,  if you care,  – research the nexus between the Democrat Party, – Black Americans,  – and the NRA

You might just be shocked at what you learn.

Markey doesn’t really care if you’re safe in your school – or on the city (plantation) streets,  – he just wants you to register to vote as a Democrat,  – and show up each November and vote for the candidates you’re told to support.

And just so you know Christy,  – back in the day when young Markey needed a quick sure way to dodge the draft,  – that Army Reserve unit he slithered into was a damn-near all-white unit.  You had to know somebody to get in,  and Boston’s young Black men were always told ‘the unit is full up’….

And young Markey’s service was so mediocre he only made SP/4 – in 5 years – despite allegedly having both a college degree and a law degree….

Some soldier!   Couldn’t / wouldn’t lead then – still can’t!

2 Responses to “Sad Old Markey Seeks Recognition”

  1. Kojack

    “16-year old Christy Paul may be thrilled to be sharing a microphone with a US Senator, but someday she’ll look back and realizing the politician was USING HER…..”

    Nah, she’s too STUPID or too much in DENIAL to EVER realize that she was used….just like the previous generations of her family.

    The only good thing I can say about MR SOFTEE is that he is slightly less obnoxious and sanctimonious than LIE-A-WATHA.

  2. Hawk1776

    You’re lucky to have a do-nothing Senator like Eddie instead of another bozo like Ted Kennedy. Eddie’s and Dizzy Lizzie make quite a pair. The mission of Mass voters should be to mitigate the damage they do.