Sad Duty This Weekend

Posted July 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

 Attended two (2) funerals and a wake – for two good people who passed recently.  The first the adult son of a dear friend – my brother-in-arms,  taken too soon,  the kind of thing to test your Faith as you wonder about God’s Plan.

The other my Father-in-Law,  that WWII veteran who somehow dodged enough shells and bullets to come home and live a long and full life.  His death last week came as a blessing;  – there was no more the doctors could do but dull his pain.  We had joked a few weeks ago,  – at least he’d lived to see Trump in the WH and Gorsuch on the SC.  The future for his grandkids is looking brighter…

Mark and Jack are with God as you read this.  They will be missed.  It is for us the living to finish the job of healing and rebuilding our Young Republic!

I tend to hate funerals;  – too many old people counting their remaining days and wondering if God really forgives sins….

There should be more jubilation that good people sprang up from among us,   – shared life with us, –  and made our lives better.

After all,…if you believe in God,….you know that life and death come at His will and with His timing,  – not ours.   Use what days you have wisely!

General Patton was once asked about the 87th Division,  – because as the reporter remarked,  – they hadn’t gotten much publicity:

I Thank God that such men were born to rise up and defend their country”,  he said,….and paused, “…and I Thank God that they were ours!”

To all who knew Mark and Jack – may the Peace of our Lord rest upon you!  They are at Peace, – they are with Him!

9 Responses to “Sad Duty This Weekend”

  1. Catherine

    Amen, Iron Mike!

    God DOES forgive sins when we turn to Him. How blessed we are that we have good people among us, whom we can look forward to reuniting with in heaven one day.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Thanks, Mike.

    You’re a true friend, and it was truly nice having you and Karen with us…

  3. BrendaSmith

    Thank you Mike. It was nice to see you and Karen. Wish it had been for a better time.

  4. Theredhead

    I am Truly sorry for your loss. I have been Blessed to have a GREAT Amazing LTC Army man for a Dear sweet friend as well as mentor in my life and would be very sad it something were ever to happen to him as well. But knowing that this is just a pit stop in our souls lives our learning experiences here on earth are just a drop in the bucket of time. So this Silly redhead sends you a big hug. Sorry for your Loss ..

  5. Panther 6

    Mike; Nicely done and nicely said. It is good that we all remember those leaving us for Fiddler’s Green. The foxholes are getting further apart. These lads and lasses all deserve our respect – they were patriots and heroes all.

  6. John Pagel

    Sorry for the passing of your father-in-law.


    It was his time John,….Death came as an end of pain and suffering. He lived an extraordinary life.

  7. Sonny's Mom

    Sincere condolences on the passing of your dear father-in-law, and on the loss of your good friend’s son, Iron Mike.


    They are at Peace now – celebrating the 4th with God!

  8. Kojack

    It’s always sad when a loved one departs. Even when it’s expected you can never be fully prepared….and it’s just a little more somber when it was someone on “our” side.

    My sincere condolences, Iron Mike.

  9. Blossom Stiefel

    It always hurts when you lose people that you love, and were very dear to you and your family.

    You will have the beautiful memories of the ones that you love to cherish forever.

    Be strong, G-d bless you and your family.