Paul Ryan vows to serve based on the principles that founded America.  Freedom, Responsibility and Liberty.  It’s about time!  Ryan is proud to be chosen.  Romney made an excellent choice.  The Tea Party has someone to rally with.  Americans can vote for the Romney ticket and be assured that our country will be returned to us.  The end of the Obama Administration is in sight.  Now we all have to do our part and vote in November.  It will be the most important thing you do this year.  This decade.  Perhaps in your life.  rr

3 Responses to “Ryan’s speech invokes Declaration of Independence and Ideals of America”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    In addition to the most important vote, phone calls, standouts, yard signs, door to door and Get Out The Vote will help insure victory in November, as will

  2. Kelly Curran

    Paul Ryan is an excellent choice for VP and I give Romney credit for making this choice and having the ability to look beyond the politically correct pick.
    Paul Ryan, as most tea party people will know is the “numbers guy”. Chairman of the House Budget Committee, he knows that the country is hanging off a financial cliff if we do not as a country make the tough choices and put our financial house in order. We must right our course and put America on a path to prosperity, not a path to bankruptcy, which is what this president has done. I think Paul Ryan re affirms the converstation that the deficit and debt is what we must be focusing on ,not women’s contraceptives, or any of the other nonsense that this president chooses to talk about. The American people need to wake up, and I think Paul Ryan is the guy who will bring this issue to the fore front of this election.

  3. Flick

    Whew, a Conservative to help steer this ship back on course.

    I cannot wait for the debates! Intelligence, patriotism and Constitutionality vs. Smug arrogance, ignorance and helplessness without the teleprompter!

    Bring it on!