Ryan And McConnell Are Really Democrats

Posted March 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

All pretense is gone,  – they’ve sold out to big-money interests.  They won’t fund the wall,  they won’t fund Border Security and ICE,    and they’ll keep bloated government agencies fully funded.

Honorable war veterans drafted our Constitution for honorable men to serve our nation.  They never anticipated the lazy voters of the 21st Century….

4 Responses to “Ryan And McConnell Are Really Democrats”

  1. Terry Dexter

    A friend of mine posted this. I’m going to #TrustThePlan

    My son is an Airman in the United States Navy. I know how they have to go to the “airplane graveyard” to get spare parts to fix the airplanes because there hasn’t been any money for much-needed parts. My son is on a destroyer that was built in the year 2000 and they have to paint the ship everytime the work slows down to cover up the rust so the ship can at least look good. They don’t practice shooting with live ammunition because they don’t have any to spare. The newer ships have been made by sub-par steel from China and they are folding up like paper when a tugboat hit them at sea. Russia and China are testing missiles using our technology for weapons we haven’t produced yet. Our military is depleted and weak. We have been sold out by the very people that were elected/selected to protect us. The last 3 presidents made sure other countries was stronger than us. Today President Trump swallowed his pride and accepted the traitors of this nation’s terms in exchange for 80 billion dollars for the military. There are no words to show my gratitude for what the president just did.

  2. MC

    Can someone tell me why each department can’t have a separate budget to be voted on? I don’t think anyone has of yet gotten through the 2,000 plus pages that the ‘4’ behind closed doors created.

    Wish there was a way that We the willing Taxpayers could fund the wall separately just to see the Democrats and Rhino’s whine! If a lot of us paid some, I believe we could get it done.

  3. Sherox

    Regardless of the military, to hold the entire country hostage and to increase the debt without vetoing this mess, is absolutely unjustifiable.

  4. Kojack

    After some contemplation, I have to say I agree with Sherox. Trump should have vetoed that pork fest and shut the gov’t down. The dems and the RiNOs would have caved before too long like they did last time. The democraps got EVERYTHING they wanted and Trump got only a part of one item that he wanted(the military spending and not the whole thing at that). The RiNOs are killing us.