Russian “Technicians” In Caracas

Posted March 31st, 2019 by Iron Mike

As Venezuela’s SECOND nation-wide power outage drags on,  – the supporters of Juan Guaido staged a massive rally Saturday.

Meanwhile, we wonder how those “Electrical Technicians” that Putin sent in to fix the grid are doing? Can they read the labels in Spanish?

Funny thing about Socialism:  You can campaign and vote to inflict it upon yourself,….but…you’ll need a GUN to get rid of it!

Your Masters and their Minions won’t give up their lifestyle of luxury and power without spilling blood into the streets!  

Could be YOUR blood…

Russian propaganda video:

Don’t expect Maduro to go out quietly.  He understands what happens to exiled dictators living out their lives on a tight budget in ‘neutral’ countries.

His problem is those Russians may have already interviewed his generals for who wants to take his place….

2 Responses to “Russian “Technicians” In Caracas”

  1. Varvara

    sent to guard Maduro…? Does he not trust his own army? What do we know about his generals?


    The Venezuelan Army is HUGE for a nation with no natural enemies; 350,000 active and 2,000,000 reservists.

    There may be as many as 2,000 generals and admirals, (do the math) each living VERY well, – but now all are suffering from no electrical power – as food rots and things stop working.

    The Generals are mostly coin-operated – given rank and allowed to stay in uniform for loyalty to Maduro.

    The troops are from the people – may have divided loyalty – since their families are hurting…..

  2. panther 6

    This one could really get out of control if shooting starts. The folks suffering are the average citizen. When I served in Panama with SF the Venezuelan military was darned good and would have overthrown dictators like the last two. They have been bought off as Iron Mike explained.