Russian Missiles For US Dollars!

Posted October 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

As predicted,  those 15 Russian airmen killed by Syria 2 weeks ago are proving to be a marketing bonanza for arms merchant Putin!

He’s been busy selling his S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to BOTH China and India.  What does it mean to regional stability in South Asia?

As the struggle for economic and thus military dominance shakes out in the 21st Century,  India finds itself rather uncomfortably positioned directly between GIANT CHINA and the OIL China needs.

But India ALSO NEEDS some of that oil….

And since the oil-producing nations are all Muslim – (they hate Hindus) – the hatreds and tensions are religious, – economic – and military.

It’s a SELLER’S MARKETPLACE,  and sales are CASH-ONLY!

That would be US Dollars please,  – whether from China or from India.  India ~ might ~ be able to dicker for the lease of a Russian naval base in the future,  – once Putin’s navy is robust enough to make that trip.

RECENT HISTORY:   It was JUST 2 years ago Putin dispatched his only working aircraft carrier – the belching pig Admiral Kuznetsov – to help Assad in Syria.

The pig broke down off the coast of Lebanon – had to be towed into port for repairs.

Russian S-400 work much better,  thus a dozen batteries of S-400 missiles should help India keep Iranian,  Pakistani, and Chinese adventurism in check…while making the Indian Army feel a little better about itself.

American companies who shipped at least 1,000,000 manufacturing and customer service jobs to India over the last 30 years should be pleased to know they were helping India buy Russian missiles….

Trump is the first US President to understand the connections and the cash flow.

So in case you temporarily forgot, China,   India, and Pakistan are ALL Nuclear-Armed Nations. With an uninterrupted supply of Middle East oil as the PRIZE, things ~ could ~ get very nasty in the future….

Why did you think China is building a big blue-water navy?

Having proved they can fix and successfully operate old Russian junk,  – the Chinese last year launched their very own brand-new aircraft carrier.

Anybody see a giant naval battle shaping up?

Anybody remember when Obama was wasting our Defense $$$ on $26/gal bio-diesel fuel for the Navy – to please the environmentalists…?

2 Responses to “Russian Missiles For US Dollars!”

  1. Panther 6

    Yes Admiral Mahan would be thrilled to see that graphic, were he still alive. Fact is I fear our Navy is wallowing in a sea of political correctness which is hurting combat readiness. Also some serious questions about the type and survivability of the ships they are acquiring. Hope we never have to find out if they got it right but Mike may be right, we may have 5 years.

  2. Panther 6

    Additionally getting the ‘400 system’ out in the open may let us learn how to counter it.