Rumor: Obama Didn’t ‘Decide’ Anything

Posted May 4th, 2011 by Iron Mike
Look at this now-famous picture again – closely:
Now comes the internet rumor part:

Circulating in the blogosphere is a rumor that bin Laden’s location was known for months, and plans were afoot – actually ready to go – to go get him.

But Obama and his ever-present consigliere Valerie Jarrett resisted, fearing that any failure would be reminiscent of Carter’s hostage-rescue debacle ‘Desert One’.

The official Obama/Jarrett reluctance was so stiff that senior people in the Intel community began to resign in disgust.

So, according to the now leaking rumors, Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, and WH Chief-of-Staff Bill Daley essentially ‘worked around the problem’. When the time came Obama was ‘informed’ that the operation was underway.


This photo was snapped [supposedly] just as word reached that the Blackhawk had crashed. Obama wanted to quit and pull out, but somebody in the room with bigger stones ‘overruled’ him. Gee, who would that be?

If any of this proves true – our few remaining friends will be very wary of dealing with us, and our numerous enemies will have great sport further testing Obama’s courage.

Stay tuned, the truth will out!

   /s/ Iron Mike
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6 Responses to “Rumor: Obama Didn’t ‘Decide’ Anything”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Note the viens popping on his forehead, the clenched teeth, the golf shirt and the oversized windbreaker. The “hacker in chief” had been summoned from the links after only playing 9, how dare they interrupt his Sunday golf game? I heard a similar rumor yesterday that this hit could have been made since last August, but for some reason, known only to Obummer, he dithered as usual.

  2. Kathy

    He is definitely angry. He doesn’t look like he’s the President – actually looks as though they told him to sit in the corner and be quiet.

  3. Varvara

    I too have heard the rumors that BHO was not in charge but that he was overruled. If the intelligent people resign in disgust that would leave only the weak in the White House to consul BHO.

    As you can see I have trouble addressing this man as the President of the United States of America. We are losing our friends as quickly as we are gaining more enemies.

  4. Rabid Republican

    Notice the difference in this picture to others of a President in the past. George W, George HW, Reagan… all would be wearing shirts and ties. Agree? rr

  5. whathehell

    I can’t wait for the UBL headshot picture to come out. Just think how it will stimulate the economy. Hats, t-shirts, video games and my favorite the rubberized Halloween mask. Guess who I want to be this Halloween.

  6. Mike Boyd

    Are we really analyzing his shirt to claim he’s worthless? And regarding him next to Bush will only lessen the argument. We don’t need to accept he hunted and killed OBL, but the problem with the republican party are these rants based on “rumors” are not solid enough and created by other ranters. Let’s complain about something real?