Rufus Gifford Wants A No-Show Job

Posted November 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

John Rufus Gifford has his husband’s approval to run for Congress!   He wants one of those no-heavy-lifting government Congressional paychecks and the benefits package.
He goes by
Rufus…?   His credentials?  He was a loyal John Kerry toady,  – then he managed Obama’s 2012 campaign warchest.   In other words – he can reach out to the money people in ways Marty Walsh’s office boy Dan Koh can’t.   Obama made him Ambassador to Denmark as a reward.   Now he wants the seat Tsilent Tsongas kept warm for 10 years.   Are you sickened yet?

5 Responses to “Rufus Gifford Wants A No-Show Job”

  1. Clinton ma tea party

    The Queer wing of the Rino Ma Gop,Offted Gunderson, to run Green who has no chance to win and is The Rino Bastards pick. The Gop in this state needs a enema.

  2. Michael W Dane

    I’m sure a Baker endorsement is in the works.


    From Charlie’s brother anyway…..

  3. Mt Woman

    I can’t wait to see the verbal fireworks as all these entitled Democrats that believe they are owed the job as US Representative, US 3rd begin fighting for the word that they will be the anointed one to run against Green and or Gunderson. At least our guys have history and homes in the district.

  4. Scott A Gunderson

    Who always emphasizes race, sex or sexual orientation? The Democrats! They know that if they have to face the issues and answer questions about how to make this country better, they have no answers. This is all a plan to deflect what matters with foolishness. These men believe that they are owed something merely because they are sexually attracted to other men. So sick of this being forced in my face and the faces of my children.

  5. Vince

    Just what we need, a queer Democrat in Congress…..