RTC Chair SMOKES MassGOP ‘Leaders’

Posted March 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Northborough Co-Chair writes a Smokin’ BOLD letter!
N Boro RTC

If only more RTCs would stand up and fight these old guard cronies…

Attorneys Brian Burke and Jeanne Kangas are the State Committee Critters from Middlesex & Worcester District; – Kangas has long been Vice-Chair of the MassGOP. They epitomize the ‘old guard‘.

Burke and KangasDate: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 08:28:07 -0500

Hi Brian & Jeanne,

I just have to say that Kirsten Hughes is pretty disappointing.

This woman is as useless as those who came before her, which I could have guessed would be the case considering the ‘leadership’ she emanates. She couldn’t make the meeting because of the Quincy City Council?!? Is she running the State Party , – or not? A written response to the concerns of SCMs is the best she can do?!?

While gathering signatures for Sullivan, I can’t tell you how many people told me that they give up and aren’t voting anymore. The lack of leadership coming out of the Mass GOP is detrimental to all of us. I feel like I’m repeating myself, sorry. I just can’t emphasis enough that our irrelevance has wide reaching impacts.

I will also say that by Scott Brown holding the party hostage to his preference of a Chair, he has alienated many. How many SCMs are holding their breath to see if he’ll run for Governor? How many will say ‘how high?’ when he says ‘Jump!’? It’s like a game of Simon Says!

I’m embarrassed for our so- called leadership. They are little more than puppets. How long will you allow SB to hold the party hostage? Until 2014? Just like general elections in tough times, bold leadership is what motivates people, – not more of the same.

Also, why would Ron Kaufman have Gomez and Winslow to DC before the primary? Will Sullivan be given the same consideration?

Why does the Gomez campaign have Brown’s lists? Is it normal for one candidate to turn over their lists to another? If so, I will never forward data to campaigns again – ever! My cooperation with certain campaigns does NOT imply cooperation with future campaigns, especially in a primary.

I will continue to pray for bold leadership that will re-energize the voters and the activists. God keeps giving me hope with each Chair election as we get closer and closer to real change.

Thanks for the vent, have a nice day.


Kim Shepherd, Co-Chair
Northborough Republican Town Committee

3 Responses to “RTC Chair SMOKES MassGOP ‘Leaders’”

  1. Paul J Baldi

    Another sad commentary on the state of our party here
    in Taxachusetts. If we don’t have a different message from
    that of the loony tune liberals, why should anyone want
    to vote for a Republican candidate? I have told my wife
    that I want to move to a state where my vote actually
    means something!!

  2. Casey Chapman

    The so-called leadership in our state party is filled with what I call D.I.D.’s. That stands for Democrats In Disguise.

  3. Ben

    Congrats to Kim for telling it like it is. I’ve tried to give Hughes the benefit of the doubt, but I agree with Kim. To this point, she has been no different than her predecseeors. On Wednesday, Hughes was challenged by a poster on Red Mass Group to step up and make sure Leah Cole (Candidate in State Rep. special election in Peabody) gets a contribution from the state GOP. To this point, nothing. Does she care about electing Republicans or setting up Brown’s Governor’s campaign in 2014? Which is it?