RRB Listens In to a Secret Conversation at the White House

Posted September 13th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein


The is a satire of how we think things went in the White House Situation Room yesterday.  No one can really be sure in this regime of transparency.  rr

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2 Responses to “RRB Listens In to a Secret Conversation at the White House”

  1. Victor

    Iron Mike –

    You think Obama makes an ambassador’s death all about defeating Romney? And you really think that all those news sources are liberally-biased and are “Obama’s friends”? Fox News is up there with all those news stations with lying and propaganda – Glenn Beck especially!

    Why waste your time making up a totally fake conversation that never took place? It’s beyond satire – you have no evidence to prove this and many other of your posts.

    Obama has compromised to Republicans like you. He extended Bush tax cuts, he increased offshore drilling, he’s deported more illegal immigrants than any previous president (fact!, and he’s passed joint resolutions in Congress with Republicans to extend Pell grants, all to satisfy Republicans. If Obama’s a Muslim socialist, he’s a really s**tty one. I don’t even support Obama myself, but you continue to portray him as a Marxist from Kenya and you never blame any responsibility on Congress. Everything’s the liberals’ fault.

    I notice that you failed to post anything on the Sikh temple shooting in WI; is it too much to post an article on gun control? You also posted numerous articles previously about how Romney was a poor conservative, but as time went by and he became the frontrunner, you began to reverse your opinion on him! He’s a rich businessman who will screw veterans over more than Obama has, and to top it off, he admits that he likes certain parts of Obamacare! What a crappy “Republican”! You’ll settle for anything to defeat Barack Obama, even if he’s a rich Mormon businessman who made his money off preying on small businesses (Bain Capital).

    I only posted this to provide you with some points, and no I don’t do drugs and I don’t support Obama.

  2. Rabid Republican

    Sorry, but I’ll take the comment as I wrote this post, not Iron Mike. I don’t care if you do do drugs, or support Obama. Although those two things often go together.

    Perhaps you didn’t notice that Glenn Beck hasn’t been with FNC for more than a year.

    And, really, satire doesn’t need facts, it’s satire! And, do you really know that this conversation didn’t take place?

    There’s been no denial from the White House so far. rr