RRB in Facebook Jail – AGAIN

Posted August 1st, 2020 by Iron Mike

Someone posted about Obama speaking at the John Lewis funeral,  – and I left a forbidden comment….  BOOM!

What do “Community Standards” have to do with FACTS?

5 Responses to “RRB in Facebook Jail – AGAIN”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    just refer to his wife Michael; most people will understand. The rest will be confused, and the ones with half a brain will investigate. Always best when people redpill themselves.


    Or,…maybe just his ugly wife with the extra parts…?

  2. Walter Knight

    Tranny wife? You got banned? I am shocked and appalled.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Hmmmmmm “Facebook Standards?”

    Such as
    — Suppressing anything good about Trump or conservatives?
    — Hiding anything stupid or embarrassing about Biden?
    — Suppressing much about the current riots and threats to government properties in major cities all over the USA?

    One might conclude their “standards” are anything that demeans Capitalism which has made Facebook owners and investors billionaires.

  4. panther 6

    Facebook standards are whatever leftist spin they want to espouse on any given day.

    Congrats Mike on the courage to call it as you see it. But Stubby Buddy’s guidance is good. Michael alone will get the message across.

  5. Jim Buba

    Yep, you shouldn’t have used the ‘W’-word.

    Has anyone tried to obtain DNA from the girls to help find their real parents?