RRB Humbly Thanks A True Friend!

Posted November 10th, 2018 by Iron Mike

This afternoon a pressing burden is off my chest.  A true friend and true Patriot stepped forward to fix the page-loading speed of this humble blog.  I’m suddenly feeling like a Born-Again Blogger!

I’ve known Chris for years,  – never fully understood the depth of his skills in the world of the Internet and all the various software that makes it work.  I just knew he was always very busy – and had lots of satisfied clients and employers over those years.  This morning he took less than an hour to fix RRB.  Whew!  

Not sure where Chris finds ‘spare time’ – but he is also the driving force behind Mass Gun Rights.

Here in Kalifornia East – with Governor Faker and Attorney General Lesbian Healey going after our 2nd Amendment Rights,  – while other so-called pro-gun outfits walking around in their bedroom slippers,  – Chris has been shouldering a HUGE load on behalf of honest gun owners.

So if you’d care to help him out – and stand up for our 2nd Amendment – and YOUR FREEDOM – help Mass gun Rights out with a donation.

PLUS,  their nifty window sticker is sure to trigger the LibTurds and gun-grabbers in your town!


Thank you Chris, – I’ll sleep better tonight – first time in months!

/s/ Iron Mike

2 Responses to “RRB Humbly Thanks A True Friend!”

  1. Mt Woman

    Thank you also Chris for helping Iron Mike and the blog. We all appreciate what you did.

  2. Ben

    My thanks also. I thought it was my computer.
    As you can tell, I’m not very computer savvy.