RRB Endorses Mike Sullivan!

Posted April 29th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Mass Senators…and here’s why:

175 days ago Mass Liberals, ignoring her flawed résumé, – sent ‘Cherokee Squaw’ Granny Warren to Washington as Ted Kennedy’s permanent replacement.  She immediately began voting as directed by Obama and Harry Reid.

The best we can do on June 25th  – is balance her über-liberalism by sending someone who will honor his oath and uphold our Constitution.  The only man in the race we can fully trust is Mike Sullivan.

We’ve studied the candidates – here is our take:

The Democrats: 

Markey & Lynch
5th District Congressman Ed Markey 40 years on the public payroll – with nothing to show for it.  He is Obama’s Chosen One – because he will vote without question for everything liberal – no matter how outlandish or unconstitutional.  His 1960s haircut may be the clue…  He is anti-gun, pro-abortion, and ready to turn jurisdiction over to the UN. With no will of his own, he’ll be Lizzy’s lap-dog.

8th District Congressman Stephen Lynch18 years on the public payroll – with little to show for it.  A nice guy and sometimes thoughtful, he is at least pro-life – thus angering liberals.  Catholic Democrats can be comfortable voting for him, – if they don’t care about our country.


The So-Called Republicans:

Winslow & GomezFormer Judge Dan Winslow and former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez stretch the definition of Republican to the breaking point.

Winslow is openly pro-gay [to the point of being obnoxious], anti-gun, and admits to being a ‘liberal/progressive Republican’What is that, – a RiNO?  He has no history of standing up for Republican values, principles or issues.  Politically ambitious, he has openly supported Democrats in the past.

Gomez – an Annapolis grad, Navy pilot and Navy SEAL should be our ideal candidate. But a little research revealed his past support for Obama, Bruce Shuttleworth and Deval Patrick.  He wrote a suck-up letter to the Governor asking for the interim appointment, saying he supports Obama’s positions on gun control and immigrationWTF?!? In a debate he demanded with Sullivan, he couldn’t back up his fawning flattery of Deval’s ‘leadership’.

We caution Republican voters not to be captivated by the image of Navy SEAL”Look carefully at the man’s stated political positions, his political actions, and see what we see – a fake republican, certainly a progressive, – probably a democratic plant.

SullivanMichael Sullivan wasn’t running, until a group of frustrated Republicans approached him, – and promised to collect the needed 10,000 signatures for him.  They got 3 x that!

Mike served three terms in the State Legislature – then became Plymouth County District Attorney – which led to him being appointed by President Bush as US Attorney for Massachusetts.  He’s the guy who put the Shoe Bomber away!  He was also Acting Director of the ATF.

He is pro-life, pro 2A, and a Constitutional Conservative.  Moreover, he is a quiet, thoughtful, humble, and dignified man – unlike anybody Massachusetts has sent to Washington since Henry Cabot Lodge.

With Congress hell-bent-for-leather to pass volumes of bad laws – we need Mike Sullivan’s careful, thoughtful, far-sighted approach, – and his courage to vote “NO!

We strongly urge you to vote for Mike Sullivan tomorrow, and again on June 25th!

/s/ Iron Mike      /s/  Rabid Republican (Jim)

N.B. If you can make reminder calls on Mike Sullivan’s behalf to Get Out the Vote tomorrow (Election Day), please send an email to PhoneFromHome@ConservativeCampaign.org  for a short list of voters to call tomorrow to remind them to vote. (max 25)  Your help really CAN make a difference!

6 Responses to “RRB Endorses Mike Sullivan!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Mr. Gomez uses the word ‘earned’ when answering questions about his education and accomplishments. The one question I have, given the time-line all of this has happened, is:

    Could you explain ‘earned’?

    The soft-shoe explanation of campaign donations doesn’t wash. I remember paying for things that I wanted or needed and the hornet’s nest I opened to get a refund.

    In politics, there is no refund, just a snow-ball’s chance in hell of trying to live with a bad choice.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    We must stand up for the only real Republican that is running for the Senate. It would be great to have someone in Washington that represents us, We the people of Massachusetts. Calling our Senators or Congress person is a waste of time, they just vote the “party line”. We have no representation at all now. Mike Sullivan would be good for Massachusetts, and for the country.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Originally, I was thinking about voting for Winslow, but then I was unaware of his being pro-gay. Mr. Sullivan will get my vote. No doubt.

  4. JPN

    I just found out that someone I know well and who’s in a position of influence has endorsed Gomez. I’m just beside myself that this happened. I would never vote for him as he’s just a mouthpiece for the establishment and a closet Democrat. I’ve been trying my hardest to get as many votes as possible for Mike Sullivan…He’s the only true Republican running and deserves to win. He’d be a great Senator. Hopefully he will be our Senator. Vote Mike Sullivan tomorrow!!!

  5. jlflick

    I have no idea who Michael Sullivan is, but from 300 miles away I sincerely hope he doesn’t Scott Brown you folks down the road. It’s a shame the effort and resources you devoted to him only to ride his pickup truck to Rinoville.

  6. John O'Mara

    A significant number of right-leaning “Unenrolled” voters are going to “crossover” and cast their ballot for Steve Lynch as a down-the-road anti-Markey strategy.

    Where is the logic?

    Lynch doesn’t have a chance of beating Markey. Every crossover vote will reduce Mike Sullivan’s vote count.

    How sad if our best Conservative Senatorial candidate in decades loses because of crossovers.