rr is under attack!

Posted July 7th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Over the past 7 days, someone has been attacking the rrblog with thousands of visits in a matter of a couple of hours each day.  This is usually when some group like moveon.org takes umbrage at something we said (gasp!) and organizes members to repeatedly visit a site in the hopes of shutting it down.  We remain undaunted.  Our hosting service is one of the largest in the country and can handle the likely volume increase. 

I guess we might view this as a compliment that our message is having some effect.  It’s odd that some people don’ t have better things to do with their time.  Like, perhaps, a job?  Anyway… the only effect it’s having on ironmike and me is that we have to readjust our visit counter downward to remove the effects of these myriad visits. 

Keep visiting, we’ll keep writing. rr   (Aside to the organizers of these denial of service attacks:  Get a life!) rr

One Response to “rr is under attack!”

  1. supportourmarines

    moveon.org, you’ll never shut down this site! You are a bunch of creeps and losers and RRB is exposing you. Game over!