Rot In HELL John Couey!!

Posted September 30th, 2009 by Iron Mike

In the early hours of Thursday, 24 February 2005, evil came to a sweet young JessicaLunsfordlady in Homosassa, FL.

A creep who lived nearby could no longer contain himself. John Couey broke into Jessica Lunsford’s home and took her by force. He spent the weekend raping her and sometime Monday he did something far worse. He stuffed her small body, bound with duct tape, into a green trash bag – with her favorite stuffed animal – a purple dolphin, under her arm. Then he stuffed her into a second bag, and buried her alive. The coroner found that Jessica had managed to stick two fingers through the bags before she died.

Couey had a long record of petty crimes,  – including two sex crimes against children. In ’78 he’d kissed a young girl during a burglary.  He got ten years, but was released after two.  In ’91 he was arrested for fondling a 5-yr old, but again got an early release. God only knows how many other young victims befell the evil hand of John Couey.

Evil2No more!  Couey died in prison today, where he was awaiting his execution.

Welcome to Hell, you sick evil pervert! 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, Still Good for Parts!

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