Ron Young: Change A Song Nobody Sings?

Posted March 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

OK Marylanders,  – how many of you even knew you have a State Song?
Senator Ron Young
Your 75-year old left-wing gadfly State Senator Ron Young [who dodged the draft and the Vietnam War] is on a crusade to change the words of your 105 year old State Song – the one you’ve never heard,  much less sung.
The tactic is called deflection and diversion….

With Baltimore ablaze last summer, – and nothing done to improve the lives of Blacks in that festering cesspool, – Democrats need to divert attention from their social failures…..

Democrats have done nothing

.but Maryland has no Confederate Flags to burn or statues of Confederate Generals to haul down….

Suddenly…Ron Young has discovered Maryland My Maryland….and wants the legislature to OFFICIALLY change the words he finds offensive….

Somehow….Young believes this will prove that “Democrats care”,….to young Baltimore Blacks who have ZERO change of ever finding work,  after SEVEN YEARS of Obama

.so Young is on a SMOKE SCREEN CRUSADE…..those ancient offending words MUST be CHANGED!

Hey Ron,…maybe you could find a Rap Star to write a rap version….?

HISTORY:   Maryland in 1860 was a slave state – but chose not to succeed from the Union.  Rebel sympathies ran strong,  and the first Union troops to come to defend the National Capitol – the Isaac Davis Company from Acton Massachusetts.  – were attacked and came under fire as their train pulled through Baltimore.

Poet and later Confederate seaman James Ryder Randall penned the song as a protest to the Union mobilization.

Will Senator Young now want to rename the elementary school named after him?
Maryland 3rd Senate District

Ask Senator Young how much the State is paying him to ignore the CRISIS in Baltimore and focus instead on trivial matters….

State Senator Ron Young
Phone:   410  841-3575

Isn’t it reassuring that Democrats can pay such close attention to DETAILS, – while never bothering to read the words of massive bills like the budget,  – Dodd-Frank,  or ObamaCare…?

Baltimore 2015

389,753 Union Soldiers….died…for this…?

One Response to “Ron Young: Change A Song Nobody Sings?”

  1. Hawk1776

    I lived in Maryland for the first thirteen years of my life. As a young student we all learned the words to “Maryland My Maryland” (albeit only a verse or two). Changing the words to the song is a dumb as Harvard removing from buildings the names of those who were slave owners. A lot of things occurred in the past that don’t adhere to the current norm. It’s called history. Accept it and move on.