Romney The Utah Quisling…AGAIN!

Posted April 19th, 2019 by Iron Mike

He never misses an opportunity to join the obnoxious Left in smearing Trump,  – even if it means distorting the FACTS.

Careful Willard – they still use the Firing Squad back home in Utah…

Today was the perfect opportunity for Willard to essentially keep his flapping RiNO mouth SHUT, – or at most express relief that the Mueller Investigation is OVER,  – and our Nation can get on with serious business….

…but NOOOO!

Willard had to say something that makes him sound like his old true self – a back-stabbing űber-liberal RiNO…

Since his humiliation in 2012,  compounded by Trump’s win in 2016,  Willard has been seething inside with envy and hatred….

…made worse when Trump wouldn’t name him as Secretary of State,  after three meetings….

But Trump DID give him a boost and an endorsement last year – after he’d come up short in the Utah GOP State Convention….and he should be grateful….

Understand this about Romney:  he has an EGO 12 feet tall and a mile wide.  He needs to have people look upon him as wise,  important,  and powerful.  It’s called narcissism, – a disease he shares with Obama….

It makes him dangerous and untrustworthy.   Utah should have known better, – but out there being a Mormon can make up for a lot of deficits…

FUCK YOU ROMNEY!   If someday you meet the same fate as Quisling, – I’ll buy drinks for the whole squad!

5 Responses to “Romney The Utah Quisling…AGAIN!”

  1. Clifford F. Blake ll

    Lets not forget the Leader of the Massachusetts Republican State committee Ron Kaufman. He has been behind Mitt all the way. (Lurking in the shadows)
    How can we have someone who is against our President to be the head of the state committee? The entire Massachusetts Gop needs to be shut down.

  2. Mt Woman

    Romney, a HUGE disappointment!!!

  3. Ben

    I admit and I am sorry to say I was a fan of Mitt when he was governor but I now realize I was absolutely blind sided when he ran for president. He is just a weak ego driven rhino.

  4. Kojack

    Romney is the new “maverick”(RiNO) in the senate now that McCain is gone.

    Maybe Trump should have made him ambassador to Fiji.

  5. panther 6

    I hate to agree but Kojack has nailed it,,,sadly,,, Romney is the new McCain. He should go back to Utah and raise goats.