Roly Poly Loretta Lynch On The Attack

Posted May 10th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Whether it is FergusonBaltimore,  the Bundy Ranch,  or a ranch in Oregon,  – Loretta Lynch always finds the wrong side of the issue to stand on.
Chubbed up Loretta Lynch
Today North Carolina is trying to keep perverts and sex offenders out of girl’s bathrooms,  – and Loretta wants to let them go on in.  Is the strain of keeping the Clinton email investigation in check while also keeping the murder of LaVoy Finicum out of the news of causing her to pudge up?

Loretta Lynch food or medication

She is a woman of unquestioned loyalty to Obama,  but the strain of keeping so many scandals under wraps seems to be telling.  She’s gained several dress sizes since taking office.

Fat Black Chick

UNDERSTAND THIS:  Obama and Lynch don’t give a HOOT about where a Transgender man pees,…and they don’t give a HOOT about sex perverts going in to molest little girls. NOT A HOOT!

No Tentmaker could cover Lynch

This attack on the 10th Amendment and North Carolina is merely a distraction technique – to keep you focused on bathrooms,  – while they import planeloads of Muslims every night,  – and leave our southern border wide open and unguarded.

Roly Poly

2 Responses to “Roly Poly Loretta Lynch On The Attack”

  1. Panther 6

    My oh my, Like Hill Babe she seems to have put on a few pounds and is visiting Omar the Tent Maker for her clothes.

  2. Jim Gettens

    I sent her an e-mail at the official DOJ site suggesting that she travel to North Carolina to use public men’s restrooms there for awhile since she’s so preoccupied with the issue of restroom access. I wouldn’t want to encounter this corrupt beast in a restroom–or anywhere else–however…