Roger Goodell Thinks He’s A King!

Posted November 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

If only this was all just a joke……

Now in contract talks amid a nationwide boycott,  – the most arrogant NFL Commissioner in History wants a raise from
$30 Million to $49.5 Million per YEAR,
AND… executive jet – FOR LIFE!?!?

3 Responses to “Roger Goodell Thinks He’s A King!”

  1. Hawk1776

    I’m still in favor of firing Goodell for Deflategate. Putting that aside, the optics of his demands when appreciation for the NFL is as low as it has been for the last fifty years is horrible. Frankly, the NFL should fire Goodell and hire me. I guarantee that I can lower attendance and TV ratings and piss off the fans for a lot less money than Goddell is making.

  2. Mt Woman

    Roger Goodell is to football what Barack Obama is to the USA–no leadership, gutless and PATHETIC!!! Go away Roger and let Condoleeza Rice have the job. I don’t follow football and certainly won’t think of beginning to follow the sport now–even if I’m invited to tailgate with champagne!

  3. FLICK

    This is why my cable rate is through the roof! All those entertainers and their parasites are so overpaid and its passed on to Joe Six-Pack to foot the bill. I DENY HIM THAT RAISE!