Roger Ailes Trolls His Megyn Kelly Freak Show

Posted January 27th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Not satisfied with his record 24 million viewers, Fox News owner Roger Ailes invites another debate-nite donnybrook between Trump and his pet viper Megyn Kelly.
Roger Ailes Megyn Kelly
This is a deliberate disservice to America’s voters,  – and may prove that Roger has a bigger ego than Trump.

Fox has a big stable,…there is no need to trot out the same three moderators [Kelly, Brett Bair, and Chris Wallace] from the contentious August 6th debate.

Roger Ailes has options

He could easily choose from among Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, Andrea Tantaros, Brit Hume, and several other level heads….

This debate – any debate – shouldn’t be about the ego of the moderators….or the ego of a network head.

If Roger feels strongly about Trump,…he should moderate himself.

Megyn Kelly ego of the moderator

If Trump goes through with his threatened boycott,  he will STILL be the elephant on the stage,  – and the remaining candidates will be unable to keep the thread of the conversation away from him.

No matter what is said on stage during the debate,  – the after-chatter will STILL be ALL ABOUT TRUMP!

And Trump will have won the hearts of all those people who have a knee-jerk hatred of Fox.

Roger,…there’s still time for Megyn to ‘come down sick’


UPDATE:    1 PM Wed 27 Jan 2016   Roger seems to have overplayed his hand. 

Remember Folks,  Fox is primarily an ENTERTAINMENT network,  – dependent on RATINGS for advertising dollar$.  They ONLY do “news” to fulfill their charter requirements.

Roger Ailes in a panic

UPDATE:   Sat 30 July 2016    July was a bad month for Roger Ailes!
He was sued for sexual harassment by former anchor Gretchen Carlson, – then other women came forward with parallel claims.  Ailes was fired.
Maybe he WAS thinking with his little head…?

Roger Ailes

And if you weren’t paying attention,…Trump won the Nomination,…and has the last laugh!

9 Responses to “Roger Ailes Trolls His Megyn Kelly Freak Show”

  1. Hawk1776

    You are correct that Fox could have chosen different moderators. They didn’t. IMO Trump would be better served to handle them on stage during the debate. Instead he has engaged in a pissing contest. It isn’t presidential and makes Trump look petty. If he can’t handle Megan Kelly, how is he going to handle Putin, Harry Reid, ISIS, Kim Jong-un, etc. The time for bluster is over. Trump needs to stop bullying everyone who disagrees with him and start showing some character and leadership.

  2. Varvara

    Mike, I would like to see Judge Napolitano or Britt Hume. I am tired of Kelly and her glass desk. Yes her desk is glass so the world can see her legs. Have you noticed that all Fox women were skirts, not slacks.

    How can we all take Fox women seriously while they are bouncing their crossed legs in short skirts? These women are smart and educated but are being used. Trump has a point here.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Scratch a flip-flopping, bloviating, ignorant, egotistical, preening BULLY and you always get a PU$$Y underneath. Trump is just another PU$$Y! If he can’t stand up to Megyn Kelly, how can he stand up to Putin, the ChiComs, ISIS, the Mullahs, etc.??? Answer: He can’t.

    MEGYN KELLY FOR PRESIDENT!!! She’s smarter, tougher, more consistent, more conservative, and a whole lot better looking than TRUMP THE DEMAGOGUE PU$$Y!

  4. Tom Gilroy

    Mike I agree wholeheartedly, it’s not about the network or the moderator. That question she asked out of the shoot at the first debate was a declaration f war. Yes Meygsn is a smart girl, but her ego is in the way. It’s about the candidates, fair questions about important stuff. Not the Democrst phony Republican War on Women, who cares when ISIS is breaking down our neck, the Chinese own us and vets are dying to get treatment. I was always a Fox guy, but I am becoming just a little annoyed at their leftward swing. I will not be watching the debate Thursday night. Another question, what is the big deal about the Iowa Caucus? This is a made for me fix hype without whom it would not even be news.

  5. Walter Knight

    There is no reason for Donald Trump to kiss Fox News’ ass, or anyone else’s. That’s why Trump has so much support. He is willing to stand up for himself and America. The world can follow America’s lead, and fuck the media.

  6. Charles Caliri

    Trump is being child like by not attending the next debate. Megyn Kelly is too hard on him. He should use the opportunity to respond to difficult questions to demonstrate his ability to handle the tough job. No, he is taking his softball and going home. What would he do if Putin challenged him? Run away?

    And perhaps even more important, as the leading candidate espousing a conservative platform, it is reprehensible that he is trying to influence a major news organization. That is a blatant attack on the First Amendment.

    Although I appreciate what Mr. Trump has done to bring major issues to the forefront of the campaign, this is evidence to me that he is not strong and not conservative.

    Good for Fox to stand up for the First.

    Charlie Caliri

  7. Len Mead

    Readers of Mike’s blog are much less likely to fall into the trap thinking TRUMP is a coward or “the problem” depriving Iowans of his debate presence.

    Unfortunately the low information types still need to start thinking for themselves and acknowledge the following:

    The presidential race is about the candidates — not the ego of lame-street media talking heads or their bosses.

    FOX is the one with the ego problem — not Trump.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative, Florida

  8. kojack

    Rather ironic that while the establishment/lame stream media lambast Trump for pulling out of Thu debate the RNC is splitting with NBC for the next debate. Nobody thought twice about Rand Paul not showing up for the last one on FBC. Rules for thee but not for me?!?!

  9. Mark