Rod Rosenstein’s Horse-Holder QUITS

Posted July 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

He spent years working up to the executive floor,  – to become the #3 man in charge,  – working directly under Rod Rosenstein.  So WHY did he suddenly quit – tomorrow being his last day?

Did he decide to escape the coming tsunami;  – or was he quietly shown the door,  – and told to get the Hell out of Dodge?

The mess that Holder and Lynch – and their acolytes left behind will take at least 10 years to clean up.   It will take all of Trump’s two terms and at least the first term of Mike Pence….

The globalists and the socialists are deeply embedded.

Less than a year ago these people were attending conferences,  giving speeches,  and sitting on esteemed panels as if everything was in order…

Today many are waiting for witnesses to be Arkancided,  – for the shoes to drop,  – and for the rattle of handcuffs coming down the halls for them.

In the way the World works,…the first ones to jump ship will get the better law firm jobs and/or teaching positions….

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