Rod Rosenstein Is In A VERY Tight Spot!

Posted May 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

The plot is almost too twisted and evil even for Shakespeare.  Now Americans will have to try and follow the twists, – but Democrats will ignore and dismiss it.

First Rosenstein was one of the plotters to exonerate Hillary in 2016, – assured she would reward them all upon her coronation.  So they wiretapped Trump and planted spies,  and a fake Russian Collusion story.  She still managed to lose.

So they shifted gears,  and went full bore on the Russian Collusion and “Golden Showers” stories,  – in a vain attempt to overturn the election,  – as if America was a Third World shithole.

They used the “Golden Showers” dossier to obtain FISA wiretap court orders,  – without ever telling the judge how flimsy and bogus the dossier was,  – or that Hillary PAID for it.

But Trump was duly sworn in,  so the coup plotters set out to cripple his presidency.

But being Democrats, – they were clumsy at it, – and soon emails were leaking.

And Dept of Justice IG Michael Horowitz was already at work,  and not liking what he was finding.  He told Rosenstein,  and Rosenstein told Trump that Comey needed to be fired.

And Democrats went into near-revolt – demanding a Special Counsel. Mueller got picked,  – and he hired 17 pro-Hillary lawyers to find any loose threads – anywhere in the world – – that might lead back to Trump.

A year later and the only thing of any interest that has surfaced is an aging porn star and her crooked lawyer – looking for a payday and film rights….

Today in the White House – 16 months into his first term,  Trump finally summoned Rosenstein,   FBI Director Christopher Wray,  and DNI Dan Coats to demand that the DOJ/FBI conduct a criminal investigation of the Hillary email whitewash and if any FBI/DOJ personnel had been involved in wiretapping or spying on the 2016 Trump Campaign,  – or had done other unethical or criminal activities.

Shakespeare was smiling in his grave.

One of the lead crooks was now tasked by Presidential Executive Order – to investigate the Obama-Clinton Cartel. 

WHAT WILL HE DO?  WHAT CAN HE DO?  Suicide is an option!

Suicide?  Absolutely!  (Might even be voluntary…)  The trail of evidence will lead back through Comey and Loretta Lynch – directly to Hillary and Obama himself.

It will take time,  but all the guilty players – from McCabe on up could face BOTH prison time, and loss of government pensions.

Remember that meeting on the Sky Harbor tarmac? There’s your collusion!

Who wants to keep their pension and stay out of Leavenworth?

Guess what Rod?   The Obamas just signed a movie deal with Netflix,  – Hillary is still getting paid to give speeches, – – and you’ve been left holding the BAG! 

2 Responses to “Rod Rosenstein Is In A VERY Tight Spot!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Stormy Daniels is on tour at night clubs. Heard an advertisement while I was passing through Oregon last week. Glad to hear everyone is getting paid in this good economy.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    As lawmakers clamor for a second special council to investigate the election meddling by the Obama Administration, we wait for some justice. The Russian collusion narrative many Democrats hoped would tear down President Trump has backfired on them.

    Spying on the Trump campaign, dossiers, e-mails and text messages all implicate former President Obama and his Administration, so much is swirling around that it is beyond belief. Obama may have enlisted the FBI, DOJ and others to commit high crimes and misdemeanors.

    Rosenstein is so crooked he surely cannot be put in charge of investigating the Obama/Clinton gang. Unbelievable! It is so bad and so involved, that I am afraid that nothing will be done. They always seem to “skate” by all of the corruption. So very SAD!!!!