Rod Rosenstein In Open Mutiny!

Posted July 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Defiance!   Rebellion!   Open Mutiny!   Asking to be FIRED?

I have no other words to describe Rod Rosenstein’s email to all 93 US Attorneys – nationwide – directing them to assign up to 3 prosecutors to begin sifting through Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions.  The Swamp’s revolt is fully out in the open now.

Do the math:   93 x 3 = 279 Federal Prosecutors – and their staffs,  – each already with an enormous overload and backlog of criminal cases….

…expected to stop what they’re doing and start sifting through some 5,000 old cases that went to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

But Rosenstein would have Justice stand still – on the chance that maybe just one criminal lawyer can find some single shred of a sentence for Senate Democrats to use,  – to deny Kavanaugh a seat on the Court…?

Mister President:  When Sally Yates refused to carry out your Executive Order – you quite properly FIRED HER!

Now Rosenstein (who has been withholding documents and emails from Congress) – has exceed his authority by a magnitude of 279,  – disrupting the work of the DOJ for his own personal political feelings

.or worse,…because he’s been on the PAYROLL of the Swamp!

If Jeff Sessions won’t fire him,   you Sir  – should FIRE BOTH!

Please note Mister President:

This arrogant prick waited a full DAY before sending out his email directive.  He was letting you KNOW that he’d given the deed plenty of THOUGHT!

5 Responses to “Rod Rosenstein In Open Mutiny!”

  1. Mt Woman

    I heard this tonight and thought I got it wrong. Why would the asst head of the DOJ ever be involved in such a witch hunt– has such an investigation ever happened before with any other nominee to a federal justice? This is no longer a swamp, it is a noxious, toxic pool of radioactivity that spreads and kills everything and everybody in its path.

  2. Vic

    How is this even remotely Constitutional?


    It’s NOT! The FBI does a background on Federal Judges – to be sure they’re not involved in anything criminal or which could make them subject to blackmail.

    They also have to be deemed worthy of various levels of security clearances….

    …but THIS is a fishing expedition and a political diversion of DOJ resources.


    If Senate Dems want to examine 5000 cases, – they should hire private attorneys.

  3. Panther 6

    This is surely beyond the Pale and I hope it blows up on Rod R. What a swamp dweller. Wonder where his “we will stop Trump” e-mails are hiding?

    I am beginning to believe Sessions also needs to go home.

  4. Sherox

    Rosenstein and Strozk both need to jailed by Congress and in solitary confinement.


    When Trump was elected it was a gift from God that prevented us from becoming another Cuba, Veneuleza, or worse. If Hillary had been elected we might have been in an actual Civil War as a result of an uprising.

    Sessions must share the same anti-American, anti-conservative, anti-Trump hatred and bias as the coven of Deep State treasonous, traitors who belong in prison. Not only do they belong in prison they need to be forced to wear mini-skirts, grow their hair long, and have their teeth pulled out. Then they should spend at least five houurs a day in community activities. They will quickly learn their prison mates have strong physical needs.

    I wish Trump would fire them both.