Rocks, Wailing, And Funerals In Gaza

Posted April 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

The ignorant angry youths of Gaza are being send against the barbed wire,  – as their leaders know for certain that a number of them will fall to accidents and Israeli bullets.

Then comes the wailing,  the funerals,  and the posturing honor guards of the Hamas insiders.

For these past 15-20 years it has been fashionable for European and American news outlets to spin their news stories to blame the Israelis for all the problems of the so-called ‘Palestinians‘.

The BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) movement is alive on many US campuses,  – to the point that many college-age kids sympathize with the Palestinians,  and believe that the Israelis are the new Nazis….because that’s what their teachers have told them.

It takes a little clear thinking to understand the true evil that controls life in the West Bank and Gaza.

The FIRST DUTY of Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh is to keep up the con,  – the charade,  – of eventually driving all the Jews in Israel back into the sea – and watching them drown.

Their SECOND DUTY is to keep the UN and US charity money coming in.  They’re living pretty well on it.

Their THIRD DUTY is to stay alive,  – to make sure no upstart young leader sticks an AK under their eyebrows and ventilates them.  And that is the tradition of Arab leadership in the Middle East….

So the March of Return is a hoax – a chance for the young people to show their fever of anti-Israeli hatred – fling some rocks,  – get tear-gassed, – and have a few of the bolder one fall victim to Israeli snipers,  – so there can be funerals.  

A movement NEEDS martyrs and funerals.

In many ways it’s exactly like the anti-gun march on Washington DC two weeks ago.

Soros and his Hollywood celebrity sycophants financed the anti-gun march to distract from the failures of the 2016 Hillary campaign,  – and from Trump’s successes in rebuilding our shattered economy.

Is it just me,  – or do the wailing mothers of Gaza seem pretty well-fed?

Now ponder for a minute or two:  If these rock-slinging young tools were to actually succeed – managed to march back into Israel and drive out all the Jews,….

.how long would it take them to turn Israel into a third-world shithole – just like Gaza is today…?

FOLKS:   Please discuss this article and recent events with your kids and grandkids.  They’re being fed shit by the tablespoon in school and in the media.

Help them see past it and understand these events – before our Republic crumbles from stupid voters.

4 Responses to “Rocks, Wailing, And Funerals In Gaza”

  1. Sherox

    Block, confiscate, and intercept their financial transactions which would cause them a lot of trouble.

  2. Panther 6

    I think we are still sending money. And the Authority pays martyrs families. The entire population is brainwashed and maybe brain dead. I don’t see this ending soon.

  3. Kojack

    “……For these past 15-20 years it has been fashionable for European and American news outlets to spin their news stories to blame the Israelis……”

    The lefty colleges and public schools perpetuate this LIE along with the MSM.

    “……..Their SECOND DUTY is to keep the UN and US charity money coming in. They’re living pretty well on it……”

    When the hell is Trump gonna cut this off?!?!?


    Actually Kojack, Hamas gets major funding from the Iranian Twelvers, – since Kerry and Obama gave them all that CASH!

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    In our schools we are witnessing how many skew the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islam. Biased teaching is going on in our schools. For many years, in the Newton Public Schools there is a huge problem with specific material, lies and biases taught to our school children. The citizens of many cities and towns are having issues and problems that they are fighting to eliminate anti-American, anti-Western and anti Israeli bias in their schools.
    Parents, please be vigilant and be involved with what your schools are teaching your children.

    CAIR has been going into classrooms, synagogues and churches, giving out their literature that is promoting Islam. Temple Isaiah in Lexington had CAIR in to speak to the people and ask for donations for their organization. These people have just one agenda, and that is to destroy us and our way of life. For people to be duped into thinking that they are our friends and want peace is foolish. To allow them to come into our organizations and actually get donations for them to destroy us is beyond belief.

    Ignoring the dark corners of Arab society is a danger to our world!