Robert Mueller’s Star Chamber Witch-Hunt

Posted July 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

CAUTION:   This posting is based on sheer speculation and on rumors,  – so take it as such.

STORY T-R-U-E-!   Updated Monday,  23 July 2018 with NAMES!
What is known is that Mueller is seeking – in court – both an immunity deal for five (5) anti-Manafort (anti-Trump) witnesses,  – AND he wants the court to keep their names SECRET.   Why?

Mueller proved himself a willing Hillary toady back when he ran the FBI,  – and turned a blind eye to the sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia.

He ALSO covered her ass on Fast & Furious gun-running to the drug cartels,  and the gun-running to Syria which resulted in the Benghazi MassacreMueller has a LOT of American blood on his hands. He’s a dirty cop.

Now speculation is that he’s using the trial of Paul Manafort as the excuse to get immunity deals for the Podesta Brothers – two really dirty Hillary cronies who know where the bodies are buried.

John Podesta is likely either the guy who ordered – or who conveyed the order – to have Seth Rich murdered.

Granting John and Tony TOTAL immunity in a meaningless Manafort money-laundering trial,  – with the excuse that this old cold trail ~ somehow ~ leads to Trump and ~ maybe ~ to Russians….is a clever way to insure the Podestas never have to testify against Hillary,….and keeps them off the death by Arkancide list…

By now even Mueller knows he must show some progress – some convictions (for damn near anything) to justify his lengthy and expensive witch-hunt,  – which thus far has produced no links to the Kremlin.

So convicting Manafort of money-laundering and witness-tampering is a pressing priority,  – and very convenient for conning a sympathetic Democrat-appointed judge into granting immunity to key witnesses.

For Democrats in both the Swamp and the Media – they need SOMETHING to cling to so that they can point to it as “PROOF” that Trump is tainted,  – stupid, – corrupt,  – or actually a puppet of Putin. Right now 3½ months before the mid-terms – damn near anything will do,…even a 10-year-old case of Manafort money-laundering.

If they never get an impeachment,  – never get a Grand Jury indictment,…they’ll still keep trying Trump in the Media every single day.


Because I want you alerted to the dirty possibilities,  – watching the news,  – and ready to see the truth behind the fluff stories.

And I want you ready and able to explain the TRUTH to your kids and grandkids,  – since the Media is covering for the Clinton Cartel and is hell-bent to blame Trump.


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  1. Kojack

    Definitely sounds plausible and like the kind of evil the HILDEBEAST is capable of.