Robert Mueller’s Fish In A Barrel

Posted October 31st, 2017 by Iron Mike

After many months of “investigation” (by 16 pro-Hillary lawyers) and speculation about Russian ‘collusion’ with Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign,  Robert Mueller went to court Monday with damn little to show for it.

The left-wing Media is unusually subdued,  – as if they too know that thus far Mueller’s nets are embarrassingly empty.  Worse,  based on a bad search,  – some of what he has may get tossed.

According to the Hillary excuse department,  she only lost because that evil Donald Trump colluded with that evil Vladimir Putin to rig the election against her….

That was the story last year – before it became clear that the story of Uranium One and her fast-tracking the sale of US Uranium to Russia (in exchange for “speaking fees”) became widely known.

So the Left-Wing Media began the dark drumbeat about Manafort being an agent of hostile foreign governments….

.because they assumed that most Americans are so badly informed that they wouldn’t know that the Ukraine is a US Ally – both against Russian expansionism and in the war against Islamic Terrorism.

Manafort had worked for Trump as a delegate coordinator last year from March 29 until August 19thbarely 5 months.  There was never a suggestion that he was there to influence Trump’s foreign policy positions….



In the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday,  July 26th,  FBI agents executed a search warrant on Manafort’s Alexandria, Virginia home.  If they were after proof of a Russian connection they didn’t find any.

They did seem overly interested in Manafort’s wardrobe,  photographing his closet full of suits,  and eventually leaving with several files clearly marked “ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE”.

If the basis for the WARRANT was a sworn statement about off-shore accounts and tax evasion,  – that would seem a stretch from Russian collusion.  Was Mueller on a fishing trip?

Taking the ATTORNEY-CLIENT files is a violation of our 4th Amendment,  – and thus anything Mueller learned may be deemed “the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” and declared inadmissible.

For a guy with 12 years leading the FBI,  Mueller could end up looking kind of foolish.

WORSE: Since the alleged ‘crimes’ Manafort is charged with,  – money laundering and acting as an unregistered foreign agent,  – all occurred when his buddy James Comey was running the FBI, – – the question is – “Why didn’t Comey’s team catch it?”

Could Comey have been too busy whitewashing Hillary’s bit-bleached email server?



Back during the 2016 Campaign, an ambitious young fellow presented himself to the Trump Team as being an “EXPERT” on foreign affairs.  George Papadopoulos was exaggerating his credentials and his expertise, but he was determined to get himself a seat at the big boy table.

He’s been meeting with Russians – who offered to sell him “DIRT” and “EMAILS” on Hillary…and George tried to get the Campaign to buy what was being offered….

But nobody around Trump was interested in the Russian “DIRT”,   – since you can find plenty of dirt on Hillary on almost any NY City or Washington DC street corner. 

The arteries of the internet are clogged with the dirty plaque of Hillary Clinton and her posse of know-it-alls.

Papadopoulos was sent away – empty-handed.

But Mueller’s people sensed a weak link – and questioned him.  And young George either lied – or in his panic, – forgot the sequence of events of all his Russian meetings.

So he’s now pleaded GUILTY to lying to investigators, – and will go through life with a Federal Conviction.  The left-wing media will continue to thrash his name about – “PROOF” that the Russians were involved.

There is speculation that young George may have worn a wire in recent meetings and calls with other Mueller targets….so he’ll not be welcomed at any Big Boy tables – ever again.



The most corrupt couple in American History are living in comfort,  – guarded by the Secret Service, – while Hillary tries to sell books and gauge the level of lingering interest by her sycophants in a possible 2020 run.

And Bill is still entertaining the Energizer Bunny every time Hillary is out of town.

Sadly,  there are American women who will go to their graves still bemoaning the Election of 2016 – and the fact that their beloved crooked traitor didn’t become the First Woman President.

And we Taxpayers are PAYING for every BIT of this…

7 Responses to “Robert Mueller’s Fish In A Barrel”

  1. Mt Woman

    Smarmy doesn’t begin to cover the behavior and attitudes of this pair of despised crooks. The thought that Hillary could even back President is sickening. So many are so easily duped!!

  2. Panther 6

    The Clinton’s are absolutely crooks and criminals of the first order. YET many Americans still like them. Their trail of criminal acts starts back in Arkansas and continues through D.C, to NY and beyond. How they get away with it is baffling. The Uranium deal should put them in Federal prison as traitors but I believe they will skate on that too. Sad and disheartening for one who served this country for 24 years to see this happen and the perps get away with it.

  3. Varvara

    I wonder if I will live long enough to see Hillary change her orange pantsuit for an orange jumpsuit.

  4. Kojack

    No coincidence that this happened now that the Uranium 1 scandal is finally getting the attention it deserves. This is nothing more than a distraction. Unfortunately, pressure will be put on Papadopoulos to “remember” something that will incriminate someone else of Mueller’s choosing.

    AG Sessions sat on his hands too long. That corrupt POS and his partisan lawyers should have been fired a long time ago. Now it’s too late.

  5. Walter Knight

    Manafort was arrested for acting as a foreign agent for the Podesta Group. Who’s that? Pro-Russian / Hillery Clinton lobbyists that supported a pro-Russian Ukraine president that finally got kicked out of office.

  6. Hawk1776

    I’m amazed that the legal system condones Mueller and his Gestapo goons trampling on everyone in their path. We fought WW2 to prevent this type of behavior.


    Mueller is no fool,…he went judge-shopping…..

  7. Blossom Stiefel

    I cannot believe that Mueller is still “investigating” anything he can to get to President Trump. So much has happened with Hillary’s shady back room dealings with Russia, the Uranium One deal, this is a sell out of American national security at the highest level.

    All that Mueller can come up with is Manafort and Papadopoulos–unbelievable!

    Unlike the Trump collusion story, that has had non stop coverage for months and months without a shred of evidence, Obama, Hillary, Podesta, and so many others are embroiled in real scandals that are all buried and somehow forgotten. Something must be done, this cannot go on.