Robert Mueller Indicts 13 Russians

Posted February 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Russian interference;  – but NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION!  Rod Rosenstein emphasized that the indictments make it CLEAR,  – no Trump campaign personnel had any idea they were dealing with Russian disinformation operatives pretending to be US political activists.

It seems obvious that after all these months,  – Mueller has nothing on Trump and he’s
flinging smoke grenades into the open space so he can beat a hasty retreat into the weeds….

Democrats who were hoping for indictments against Trump and his people are still going to try spinning this all year…

…because they still cannot account for Hillary’s loss of her rigged election,….and they have no plans of their own to offer voters.

4 Responses to “Robert Mueller Indicts 13 Russians”

  1. Vic

    Meanwhile we waxed about 200 Rooskie mercenaries in Syria on February 7th and nobody gives a rat’s ass….

  2. Ben

    What a waste of tax payers money.

  3. Peter S

    How many special prosecutors does it take to indite a ham sandwich, let alone 13?

  4. Jeffrey Wallens

    With all our technology, we missed a simple ploy of a vpn connection to a US server? Really? No one in Obamaland knew?