Robert Mueller: Hypocrite On Steroids

Posted November 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

For those 8 long horrible years when Obama was our president,  Robert Mueller and then James Comey were his FBI Directors.

If Paul Manafort was engaged in illegal activity in Russia and the Ukraine,  – why did they sit idly by...?   Maybe for the same reason they never stopped Hillary from selling our Uranium to Russia?

Of course Mueller’s team of 17 pro-Hillary lawyers are leaking tidbits to the media – to poison any future jury pool.


But if 18 trips to Russia – by a businessman – over a 10 year period,  – is somehow sinister,  – what the FUCK was Mueller’s / Comey’s FBI doing about it when it happened?

Or was there really nothing sinister,…until he backed Trump against their gal Hillary?

It sure looks like Mueller is making himself a whole new career of this witch-hunt.  How long until he qualifies for a whole new federal pension?

2 Responses to “Robert Mueller: Hypocrite On Steroids”

  1. MC

    Would love to know how much this Deep State Witch Hunt with Mueller and his 17 cronies is costing We the Taxpayers!

  2. Sherox

    A special prosecutor investigation into Mueller is needed.