“Roads & Bridges” The Democrat’s Lie

Posted July 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

I’m on a little road trip and it started off badly, – a traffic jam on the Mass Pike.

Then another one on Long Island,  – a detour to a different bridge,  – and on into New Jersey and on across Pennsylvania.  Every horrid mile was proof that Democrats don’t have a clue how to build those roads they’re always yapping about.

For all of my adult life I’ve listened to Democrats talking about their plans to rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges”.   It’s always all bullshit!

First off – Democrats can’t plan.  PERIOD!   And they sure can’t design roads.  If you live in Taxachusetts – count the number of exit ramps from I-95 and I-495 that aren’t banked.

It’s almost as if our highway engineers were getting kickbacks from the towing companies, funeral homes,  and body shops.

Actually lay down a roadbed?  Forgetaboutit!  Half the roads have major drainage problems – so come heavy rains and snowstorms – you’ll hydroplane or skid. 

So they cut grooves in them.  Tough on your tires.

And now they’re using “Magic Salt” – which does a great job of melting snow and ice and keeping roads dry in winter,…while it eats into the concrete….turning the surface into a gravely beach.

So now it’s time for the bi-annual resurfacing….

40+ years of this and no living adult remembers what a decent road should look like or feel like under your tires.

Long Island provides additional proof of my theorem. 

Some of the richest and most powerful people in the nation drive on a near-weekly basis from their multi-million dollar penthouse apartments in Manhattan to their mansions in the Hamptons.

They travel that 118 horrible miles 30 to 40 times a year – over NY State’s most decrepit roads – usually in bumber-to-bumper traffic,  making the 2-hour trip last at least three – sometimes four hours.

Yet somehow these mega-rich über-powerful people are so used to shitty roads that they don’t complain?

Roads and bridges!”   “Roads and bridges!”

It’s the Democrats version of “Abra-ca-dabra!”

It gets them elected, – re-elected,  and elected again….and it justifies constant tax increases,….even though your roads get no better.

So the next time you hear a Democrat talking about “Roads and bridges”,  you’ll know they have no clue,…except they want a 2, 4, or 6-year extension on their cushy government job.

And yet,…despite their lifelong history of being totally inept (and corrupt) over something so basic as roads,…

…we are expected to trust their judgment about our health care and about which immigrants we should let in from hostile lands?

3 Responses to ““Roads & Bridges” The Democrat’s Lie”

  1. Michael W Dane

    Roads and bridges mantra usually includes public transportation, which includes bike paths or the ever popular light rail systems that lead to nowhere.

  2. FLICK

    The “roads and bridges” are “for the children”.

    Win-Win in their book.

  3. John Pagel

    Look back into history and see how long it took a Republican named “IKE” to build our interstate highway system, people in Washington forget what can be done when it needs to be done.