RIP: Susana Carrera Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

Posted February 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Susana was beheaded (likely raped first) because her husband couldn’t raise the $207,000 ransom her cartel kidnappers demanded.

By dumping her body with a taunting note,  the kidnappers figure the next family WILL PAY.   This is the EVIL Trump wants to keep OUT of our country!  Democrats don’t seem to give a damn….

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  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    The Democratic party is the party of Evil.

  2. Iron Mike

    Susana and her family would have made GREAT US Citizens.

    But it is her kidnappers and beheaders – 21st Century Aztec thugs – who are the ones MOST LIKELY to come sneaking across our border….

  3. Marc

    We ought to follow Pershing’s example and send the Army into Mexico, not for nation building because that would be a waste of time and money, but just to kick some ass and teach them a lesson, the lesson being to leave the US alone.

  4. Rodrigo

    I’m amazed by how ignorant you people are.

    That “aztec” culture you’re speaking about, has nothing to do with our ancestors. As a Mexican, I can tell you that here in Mexico, whoever you talk to will despise and condemn this kind of actions. We are also fighting and suffering consequences organized crime savages.

    Who do you think’s the #1 drug dealers client. YES, you guessed. Your country. So, we are not the ones to blame. As long as you keep consuming drugs, drug cartels won’t ever stop existing.

    About sending US military: if it’s against the right enemy (drug cartels and organized crime) please, be my guest. But teach the lesson to the ones who should be taught. Cause most Mexicans are honest hardworking people that have nothing to do with crime.


    Thanks for your comment Rodrigo, and good luck fighting against the corruption and lawlessness which is Modern Mexico.

    We are well aware that the term “Aztec Culture” is a generalization. But there were MANY Mexican and Central American cultures – over thousands of years, – that were barbaric, warlike, and practiced routine human sacrifice.

    Some of that is still in the Mexican / Central American gene pool, so accept that to get our point across – we are branding you all as “Aztecs”.

    Until you can clean the corruption out of your Government, you police forces, your military,…you are doomed to be quietly ruled by the Cartels. That’s why WE want the WALL.

  5. MadMax

    “Likely Raped” Really? Leave your sordid and speculative opinions out of it.

    Your blog is a complete joke. High School sophomores are better writers. And truth appears to be a thing to which you waved ‘bye-bye’ looong ago.


    “MadMax”: Another basement-dwelling know-it-all with a fake email address – i.e. AFRAID to even leave his name….

    The ISSUE before us “Max” – isn’t this blog, – it’s the life-is-CHEAP murderous culture found across Mexico and Latin America, which we want to KEEP OUT of our country.

  6. Rodrigo

    Thanks for replying,

    Sadly you’re right on your last point. We are being quietly ruled by drug cartels who are related somehow to government, police, military, etc. Something will have to be done before it’s to late.

    I just want to point out that Mexico is not as bad as you picture it. “Life is cheap , murderous culture” is not a thing. We have well developed cities with great infrastructure, rising automotive and plane manufacturing industries, a ton of developing tech startups, great financial services and de most warm and friendly people you’ll ever meet. Narco Culture is just a stereotype. Sadly, uneducated people fall for it and believe it’s the easy way out of a poor life.

    However a wall WON’T stop drugs from passing by. It’s not about the people who get through the border, but the merchandise. As I wrote before, as long as you keep buying, drug business will keep rising.


    Good luck with your reforms down there. Start with Enrique Peña Nieto, and see if Joaquín Guzmán paid him $100 Million (US). Your honest journalists are being gunned down in the streets, so maybe Mexicans should start carrying arms…

    Here our problem is creeping Socialism (Communism) and Step 1 to stop it was electing Trump (who is working for nothing).

    Step 2 will be the wall, and Step 3 will be re-educating 100,000,000 Americans who never learned the truth…

    Step 4 will be for us to re-establish a honest newspapers and TV networks…

  7. Kojack

    Mike/Rodrigo – sadly no place in Mexico is safe. My late brother and some friends used to go to Cancun but abductions and murders are occurring there as well now and in other resort areas.

    I empathize for the good people of Mexico but I would never go there….too much risk.

    During the Mexican War we should have annexed Mexico and then Central America. We could have cleaned them all up for much less than we’ve spent in foreign aid, we would have a much smaller border with no problem and the people would have the benefits of U.S. citizenship. Now they’re all coming here anyway to live on the dole.

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