RIP Senator Ted Stevens

Posted August 10th, 2010 by Iron Mike

In the end we can say “At least he died with his boots on!” 

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens [1923 – 2010] died in an air crash today in a remote corner of southwest Alaska.  He had served over 40 years as a Republican Senator from Alaska. 

Ted joined the Navy to be a pilot in WWII, but poor vision forced him out of pilot training.  He did eye exercises and corrected his vision enough to be accepted by the Army Air Corp, – earned his wings, and flew C-47s over the “hump” in the China-India-Burma Theater. 

For those of you too young to know, the “hump” is the Himalaya Mountains – including Mount Everest.  That’s how we supplied the Chinese Army fighting the Japs.

One of the most outspoken [even if sometimes in error] and feisty men to ever serve in the Senate,  Stevens was done in during the heat of the 2008 election year, when he stood trial for accepting gifts, and was convicted.  The government so screwed up that case it was soon overturned, but Stevens lost his seat.  He led an amazing and colorful life, and you should take a moment to read about it.  

The Democrats hated Ted. He was a traitor in their eyes, – he had graduated from Harvard Law School

Ted Stevens, meet Saint Peter.  “Come on in Ted, – we’ve go a place for you”.

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  1. britsarmymom

    Very sad loss. He did, however, oppose wind farms off Nantucket sound, no?