RIP: President George H. W. Bush

Posted December 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

A calm hand and a class act – when the World needed him!

He was the youngest Navy fighter pilot in WWII – and was shot down by the Japs – TWICE.  He walked the walk!

Saddam Hussein made a major miscalculation….

As our troops began to arrive in strength in Saudi Arabia,  George went to spend some time with them…

Always the class act – always the gentleman,  – George kept his nose out of Clinton’s and Obama’s business….

LESSON FOR AMERICANS:  George was never flashy,  – never glib,  – never bragged about anything – except his bride and their kids.

He endured endless ridicule from the asshole comics on SNL,  – and took it with good humor,  – even when it cost him a well-earned 2nd term to the upstart Bill Clinton.

He will be remembered as an honorable American,  – while Clinton will be remembered for getting blow jobs in the Oval Office from a starry-eyed intern – and then lying about it under oath.

6 Responses to “RIP: President George H. W. Bush”

  1. Panther 6

    He was a good man, a good President and a true American Patriot. May he Rest in Peace.

  2. Varvara

    I think he missed Barbara and wanted to be with her.

  3. Kojack

    He was definitely an inspiring patriot in his youth but succumbed to the temptation of dirty Saudi money and globalism later on. That’s how the Saudi’s got him (the U.S.) to do their dirty work and throw Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, a muslim dictatorship. They should have been made to clean up their own neighborhood with their own sweat, blood and treasure and the balance of power in the M.E. between Iraq and Iran would have been retained. That way the Saudi’s and Iran would not have had as much cash available to fund radical mosques and terrorism through-out the world.

    All that said, he was a good president over-all and a decent man and the world would have been better off if Ross Perot and a broken campaign promise (“read my lips, no new taxes”) hadn’t enabled the election of Bubba Clinton.

    RIP Mister President.

  4. Walter Knight


  5. Leonard Mead

    Yes, George the Elder was an honorable, decent, war hero.

    He also succumbed to the power of the “deep state” after pronouncing “Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES

  6. KDK

    Thank you Mr. President
    You’re clear for take off now