RIP: Nelson Mandela – Dead at 95

Posted December 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Rest in Peace President Mandela – 20th Century Giant!
Nelson Mandela 20th Century Giant
If only our first Black President had been a man of your courage, patriotism, wisdom, and character.  Sadly, our race-bating fraud is not fit to stand in your shadow.

2 Responses to “RIP: Nelson Mandela – Dead at 95”

  1. Kojack

    Mandela was certainly a man of courage but like Bishop Desmond Tutu he was also an avowed communist.


    Agreed Kojak, he was a Communist. But so far in Africa communism has taken a less vicious track than it did under Lenin’s Russia, Mao’s China, or Castro’s Cuba.

    Mandela’s greatest achievement – which was really herculean – was transforming South Africa from apartheid to black majority rule without wholesale bloodshed or even genocide – which were very real possibilities. I doubt any other black leader could have done it. Mandela used the moral authority of his years in prison to show folks that if he could get along – so could they.

    Contrast that with Obama – who had a generally privileged upbringing, – was allowed and funded through some of our best colleges – and who now constantly displays a deep streak of racial, ethinc, and cultural hatred. Plus, Obama is a personal coward…

  2. Casey Chapman

    The only things Obama and Mandella have in common are Communism and African birth.