RIP Mayor Tim Davlin: Obamacide?

Posted December 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The sad strange self-inflicted gunshot in Springfield . . . Democratic Mayor Timothy Davlin dead at 53 – by his own hand? 

You don’t know him?  You can’t place him?  It was back on August 23rd 2008 that Mayor Davlin introduced the Obama-Biden ticket to Springfield – where Obama, then just a 2-year senator,  had first launched his White House run in Feb 2007.

 Some local folks actually thought Obama was coming to town to announce Tim as his VP running mate.  

So Mayor Davlin had some legal problems – unpaid taxes and a fight over a relative’s estate, but – to shoot himself?  A very strong Catholic, father of 4, grandfather of 4, …kill himself?  Or is this another case of Obamacide?   This is like the Clintons all over again – everybody from their past lives dies – suddenly – like Richard Holbrooke yesterday.  

Consider geography.  Springfield is the capital of Illinois.  All the corruption in Chicago is tolerated, covered up, and sanctioned 190 miles down I-55 in Springfield.  The local mayor is hardly immune or totally out of the loop.  It’s his cops who see everybody who comes and goes. 

The video that follows is from August 2008, just after Tim’s introduction of the Obama-Biden ticket.  If Davlin had actually allowed himself to believe those VP rumors,  imagine how he was feeling inside having just met our national village idiot – Lovable Joe Biden.  Bummer!

Well, RIP Tim, – where you’ve gone you won’t have to worry about meeting either of them again.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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