RIP: Maren Sanchez – Age 16

Posted April 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Jealousy over who would take the Jr Class Prez to tonight’s Junior Prom?
RIP Maren Sanchez
Male student in custody – stabbed or slashed her throat in a stairwell. Prom canceled. Will Connecticut Democrats now outlaw proms?

Killer Chris Plaskon

Christopher Plaskon 2015

UPDATE:   Monday, 7 March 2016     Plaskon, now 18 – accepted a plea deal – could get 25 years – could be eligible for parole in 13…. He’ll meet real animals in prison.

Plaskon plea deal

UPDATE:  Monday 6 June 2016   Punk killer Plaskon get 25 years…

Plaskon gets 25 years

2 Responses to “RIP: Maren Sanchez – Age 16”

  1. Casey Chapman

    THis is a product of the lack of morals in our public education system over a span of several generations. Parents don’t teach right and wrong to their kids, and the schools feel that they don’t dare to. Then they act all surprised when the kid has no idea how to handle his emotions and takes it out on Maren Sanchez.

  2. Walter Knight

    What needs to be outlawed is gang-bangers in our schools.

    ‘No Child Left Behind?’ To hell with that. Some punks need to be left behind, and flushed down the toilet for being human debris. Let criminals graduate, or get their GED, from prison.