RIP Iron Mike

Posted January 25th, 2022 by Jim Ettwein

RIP Iron Mike

It was quite some time ago that Mike and I became disenchanted with the Republican Party in Massachusetts. In fact it was in 2009.  We were at a local Republican meeting and we wanted to do more. We wanted to call attention to things we could encourage others to do. We wanted more.

I went home and sketched out a blog design. I showed it to Mike, he liked it, and we were off and running. I was a participant, but Mike was the force behind RRB.  He was the researcher, writer, and cajoler of all that became the RRB.

I remember that he would delight in seeing where his audience came from. Whether they were from Russia (long before that was even popular), the government (he imagined legions of Obama supporters, huddled around their computers, reading with delight things they could not say out loud), and so many more.

He would get pumped when he saw familiar people commenting on his posts. He loved that there were regular readers of what he wrote. And the readers delighted in what he had to say. He became much more adept at IT stuff over the years. I showed him a few things, but he carried the ball himself and drove the use of graphics and pictures (heavily edited by Mike) and provocative language.

Some objected to the strong language. I never did. Most didn’t. Mike expressed himself in his own way, a way the brought others to read his words. He wrote like he talked: with feeling, commitment, and strength.

A few years ago, I turned the entire blog over to Mike. I was still working, and didn’t have the time to devote to the increasingly worrisome turn of events in America. It all fell on Mike’s shoulders, but he took it on with pride and fervor.

When I think of the word Patriot, the image of Mike and his devotion to America is the first person I think of. He was a Patriot’s patriot. He never wavered from his goal. Mike was an ardent campaigner – with his drum, in all weather. He was a devoted gatherer of voter registrations – most could not refuse his relentless desire to get everyone to vote. Mike and I attended many meetings together, trying to hold the opposition’s feet to the fire. We carried signs, beat the drum, got in the way, engaged others in hearing our message. We never stopped.

It is with a very heavy heart that I write these words. I am proud to have known Mike. Proud to have worked at his side. Proud to have begun something that was far bigger than what I ever imagined. Bigger because Mike was larger than life. He will remain thus in my heart forever.

Rest in Peace, sir. I salute you today and every day.

I can still hear the drum beating away…

Jim Ettwein

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37 Responses to “RIP Iron Mike”

  1. MC

    RIP Dear Friend : You will be missed by all members of this family. MLB

  2. Keith

    Rest in Peace my friend
    Your words of wisdom and knowledge will be sorely missed
    America lost a true patriot
    God gained a great soul

  3. John

    I’m so sad to hear of your passing.
    You will be missed beyond words.

  4. Mary Morgan

    Rest In Peace. God speed. Love Jacob M

  5. Walter Knight

    Oh no. Rest in peace dear friend. I was just saying Mike came a long way from Tucson to Vietnam to Massachusetts. Damn. Mike will be missed.

  6. Jim Buba

    Sometimes, you just know when things are not right. In a day or so, there will rise another to pick up the Drum and carry on.

    Mike’s work is not done and will not be forgotten. In fact, he is point for the many he inspired, as they will surely follow.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas my friend.


  7. GreenBeretLTC

    For some reason, my earlier post failed to get past the filters. Tsk, tsk…

    I’ve known Mike for nearly 30 years, and I will miss him dearly. My world is an emptier place because of his absence, but I trust Heaven is that much more filled by his presence there.

    Requiescat in pace, Brother. See you in Valhalla……but not too soon, I hope!

  8. Michael W Dane

    So sorry to hear this. Mike was an inspiration to me. Fearless and always spot on. I sure am gonna miss him. Rest In Peace

  9. Hawk1776

    I was worried after several days of no updates. I saddened to hear Mike’s demise. This is the first blog I look at every day. God speed.

  10. FLICK

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting Mike’s next post. In the past absence only meant it would be a blockbusting revelation. Sadly instead, my friend Jim texted me the devastating news last night. Mike’s Patriotism on earth will be hard if not impossible to equal. I can only hope there is no need for him to carry his message any longer where his soul can now rest.

    RIP PATRIOT, a big TY for all you’ve exposed over the years.

  11. Varvara

    You will be missed.

  12. Samuel

    Iron Mike didn’t know me, but I knew him. I’ve bookmarked and have been reading his blog for several years now. I found it as a hyperlink in a list of hyperlinks on another conservative website.

    I’m going to miss this site. I read it religiously every day.

    Thank you, Jim, for your post about this sad situation. Much better than the site suddenly stopping or disappearing with no explanation.

    RIP, Iron Mike

  13. Stubby Buddy

    What terrible news. Mike has always been larger than life, and without him were are truly diminished. May you rest in peace with your Lord, Mike, and may He comfort your family.

    I don’t know what else to say – it’s too soon, too sad, too much right now.

    You are already greatly missed, my dear friend.

    Stubby Buddy

  14. John Pagel

    Mike and I served together in the 101st in 1963. For as long as I’ve known him he was always larger than life. He will be missed by all that knew him.
    “AIRBORNE” Mike carry on and continue to give them hell.

  15. Max

    I’m so sorry. Mike you will be missed.

  16. Hal Shurtleff

    I had breakfast with him and his wife a few weeks ago in Wolfeboro, NH. This is sad news for the Liberty Movement.

  17. Lisa

    I will miss your posts. May you rest in peace dear Patriot. God gained a true angel

  18. panther 6

    What a shock. Requiescat in Pace I had a long reply that apparently did not get posted. Iron Mike and I go back to summer of 1063 in the 1 506 Parachute Infantry. Mike served as my driver in Charlie Company “Choppin Charlie” and I promoted him to Spec 4th Class no small accomplishment in those days.

    See you at Fiddler’s Green old comrade Airborne

  19. Lonnie Brennan

    Mike has guts. He was 1/2 John Wayne, 1/2 Die Hard.

    Very sad to hear this.
    Blessings to his family.
    I will miss our many private discussions.

  20. Kojack

    I had hoped we’d see each other again before either one of us passed on but, regretfully, it was not to be. As others here have stated, Mike was indeed larger than life and an inspiration to many.

    Rest in Peace, Mike, you are well loved by your fellow patriots and will be sorely missed. You will live on forever in our hearts.

  21. Hawk1776

    Has an obituary been published?

  22. Terri Campbell

    I am so sad to hear of Iron Mike’s passing. He was a huge comfort and well of information after my son was wounded in Iraq. Although I never had the honor to meet him in person I’ve enjoyed our connection through the internet. RIP Mike, you will be sorely missed.

  23. Patrick Humphries

    I first encountered Iron Mike at the first Tea Party organizational meeting I attended. He is and always has been what others have noted: “larger than life, a Patriot’s patriot, a fighter.” Iron Mike always fought for his country, first in uniform, and then as a citizen-super-activist. Fearless and forthright, he always took the fight to the adversary, forcefully.

    Mike will be sorely missed.
    Blessings to his family, and all those that knew and cherished him.

  24. Mary Lotze

    Several month’s back I got knocked off the link I had to Iron Mike’s page and couldn’t get back in. I missed his blogs and reports. I would frequently tell people that he reported on things that had not yet made the news–must have been psychic or had really solid intel and insight into people and history. May God Bless Mike and his family. He was a fearless advocate for liberty and freedom.

  25. Clinton ma Tea party

    You took on the Communist left everyday. We will take on the fight. Rest in peace.

  26. Dave Lunger

    RIP Mike, you were and are a Patriot in the Truest sense.

  27. Pam Kulibaba

    RIP Mike

  28. Blossom Stiefel

    This is so very sad for the country and so many of us. America lost a patriot, a hero, and a champion for what is right and good in our world. You worked tirelessly to give our children and grandchildren the best of America. Mike’s goal was always to protect our country, our way of life and our liberty. He knew that we cannot continue on this current dangerous path.
    We who embrace his vision must remember his words, continue to fight for our country, our freedom, and our American way of life. Mike, a great American patriot, and a devoted Conservative, a mentor and an inspiration for all of us. Although his voice has been silenced, he will always remain a source of strength for us as we continue his fight for the country we love. We miss you so much, dear friend.

  29. Brad Wyatt

    I’m gonna miss Iron Mike and his blog. Mike understood the power of branding political enemies with brazen nicknames, ala Trump. And, he already reminded me, I needed to comment more on his blog.
    Rest in Peace,

  30. MA armed patriot

    RIP Patriot, you will be remembered for your courage and wisdom, thank you.

  31. Kim Shepherd

    Iron Mike & his drum were a sight to behold. Loud, demanding, & impossible to ignore, a man whose whose service never really ended. I am grateful for his life & his service. I am proud to say he was a friend. R.I.P., Mike. Heartfelt condolences to his family & friends.

  32. Jim Conboy

    Acton lost a true Patriot when Iron Mike moved away a few years ago. From collecting signatures outside Donelan’s, hosting Bugles Across America, or, as Jim Ettwein wrote, registering voters anywhere or anytime, our “Old Soldier, Still Good for Parts” did it all to keep democracy strong.
    RIP, Mike, and thanks for everything.

  33. Jim Buba

    Ok, so who’s on deck?

  34. Sherox

    I just saw this post. Mike, you were one of a kind, larger than life, die-hard American Patriot who fought like hell for his country. You will be sorely missed and never replaced. Thank you for all you have done.

  35. John Pagel

    Can anyone share his cause of death?
    John Pagel

  36. Integrity 1st

    In a nutshell, Mike’s own text:

    “Our Readers are free to use anything they find interesting or useful here to help educate and persuade the ignorant and uninformed.

    America can only survive as a Constitutional Republic if we have a majority of educated and informed voters.”

    Thank you for your commitment, and dedication to waking up the ignorant to save our country . . . and everything else you did <3

    One fine Patriot sorely missed. RIP Mike

  37. Jim Buba

    Didn’t take long for Iron Mike to organize the Canadians.

    Brandon is next!