RIP: Danny Anderl – Collateral Damage

Posted July 20th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The hit man came dressed as a FedEx driver,  – must have had orders to shoot everybody he encountered.  The Judge (appointed by Obama) was in the cellar.
UPDATE!   Shooter found dead? 


UPDATE:  Monday, 20 July 2020  It sure seems a little quick and tidy – (sort of like Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald?),  – but the body of an attorney (with a self-inflicted gunshot) has been ‘found’ in the woods north of Livingston Manor NY,  – 4 miles off Route 17.

We’re to believe that the dead shooter (an attorney) had a previous run-in with the Judge’s husband Mark Anderl – also an attorney.

I’m familiar with this turf from my soldering days in the early 70s’;  – you’ve really got to know your way around to ‘get found’ on these back woods roads.

Anybody smell a clean-up team making sure the shooter can never talk?

All coming together a little quick and too convenient?

UPDATE:  7:30 pm Monday, 20 July 2019  Shooter identified as 72-year old anti-feminist lawyer Roy Den Hollander,  – who has a case pending before Judge Salas.

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  1. panther 6

    We can only hope that one day soon the whole ugly Epstein issue is resolve and the folks involved are all outed. The names may surprise a lot of us.