Richard Neal: Clueless MassHOLE

Posted February 28th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee cannot tell us how America can ever pay for this SLUSH FUND bill,….and the clueless MEDIA won’t ask him!  He’s another Pelosi Sock Puppet!
All those retired NY City union workers who now populate the Berkshires absolutely LOVE this career spendocrat.

We expect NOTHING but cheerleading from the Boston Globe.  They’ve sold out decades ago.  They no longer hire THINKERS.

But from the ~ slightly ~ conservative Herald,  – we should expect an occasional smidgen of real journalism,  – some intelligent QUESTIONS….

Instead of bannering how much Federal Money Boston will “GET”,…a REAL newspaper should be asking:

“How MUCH will this Federal Money COST us,…

….and how many decades will it take to pay it off?”

But the Herald failed.

The last bastion of conservative thought in New England FAILED to THINK,  – so they went with

“LOOK how much FREE MONEY we’re going to GET!”

If your children and grandchildren are someday no longer living as free CITIZENS,  – but are living as SERFS – on government plantations,  – allowed to live and breed at the pleasure of their masters and overlords,…

….think back to the early 21st Century when so-called “Journalists” worried about publishing a paper on time – – and not about what the printed words said.

And if you suspect that the reporters, writers, and editors at BOTH the GLOBE and the HERALD just don’t KNOW ENOUGH to ask probing questions,….

.remember that for 60+ years they’ve all gone to union-controlled public schools,  – where real history and economics weren’t mentioned,  – but Global Warming,  Race and Gender Issues were all the rage….

How you FEEL is far more important than WHAT YOU KNOW!

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