Richard Blumenthal: Compulsive Liar?

Posted February 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

As the Vietnam war raged,  claiming 612 Connecticut men,  – young Richard Blumenthal received five (5) draft deferments, – before joining the Marine Reserve in 1970.
His most dangerous assignment was Toys-for-Tots in Seattle.

But he needed to be a hero,  – so he spun stories about the trauma he’d experienced returning from Vietnam and being unwelcomed by anti-war crowds….  Then in 2010 he ran for the US Senate.

Now Richard – “Dick” – is telling tales out of school about what Judge Gorsuch ~ may ~ have said in private….

It’s hard for anyone who knows about Blumenthal to know if he’s telling the truth about an unfortunate slip by the Judge,…

.or if he’s just reciting the Democrat Script….?

The problem I have as a former Connecticut resident (and a Vietnam vet)… that once a person sells their soul and their honor to the Democrat Party,….can you really believe anything they say thereafter…?

We never know how many folks read RRB entries,….but we DO know that millions get Trump’s tweets……so the story of Blumenthal’s war stories hits the media afresh!

Most humble apologies to the Vietnam vets who’s helmets I borrowed for the graphics.  I know you’ll understand….

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  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Lying…..the lifeblood of Democrats.