Rex Tillerson Rolls With Thunder!

Posted May 29th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It has been soooo long since we’ve had an honorable SecState,  I’d nearly forgotten the feelings of Pride that a worthy one can invoke!

Rex Tillerson took a ride Sunday – with the Patriots of Rolling Thunder.  He fit right in!

I’m struck by how totally at ease Tillerson is with ordinary patriots,  – because I have personally witnessed how ill-at-ease Kerry is in the company of working Americans or real Vietnam veterans.

Some of you may remember the famous patrician biker / wind-surfer who recently had that job – always looking out of place – or worse – showing off on his racing bike – and managing to fall off in Switzerland….

Who has been worse for America:  Bill, Hillary, Lurch, or Obama?

Can you count the bodies these power-grubbing one-world socialists have piled up?

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