Revolt In America’s Liberal Command Center?

Posted September 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Imagine – a humble Travel Writer – calling out America’s 2nd (?) richest man as a LiNO?

Such small seeds are often enough to foment and grow an entire revolution!  WaPO writer Fredrick Kunkle has dissected and eviscerated owner Jeff Bezos ($84+ Billion) as a phony liberal,  – a Liberal in Name Only!
Will Kunkle be found face down in the Potomac?

Remarking on Bezos’ public comments about wanting to increase his philanthropic giving Kunkle wrote that Besos has a record of treating his employees poorly and that he “should remember that his vast wealth came in part from labor.”

Kunkle went on to accuse Bezos of such 19th and 20th Century sins as:  cutting retirement benefits, freezing a company pension plan,  and holding severance payments “hostage” by requiring outgoing employees to drop any legal claims to receive payment.

Bezos – who founded Amazon, bought the Post in 2013 – and has used it in his ongoing war against Conservatives,  and since last year – against Donald Trump.

Just a guess,  – but I think Mister Kunkle will soon be “free to pursue other ventures”,  – and if he writes a book – Amazon likely won’t stock it.

Meanwhile we’ll watch to see how big a check Bezos writes for Texas relief….

…. or if he tries to turn a fresh profit by shipping in relief supplies….

RRB readers are well aware that sheer hypocrisy is an absolute core requirement for a committed liberal loudmouth – which Bezos is.

3 Responses to “Revolt In America’s Liberal Command Center?”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    Interesting development… investigating the hypocracy of the liberal 1%. An investigative reporter has found millions of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s assets safely hidden in Caribbean offshore accounts. (Washington Free Beacon, Daily Caller, Legal Insurrection)

  2. Adam R.

    These Silicone Valley tyrants support left wing causes because it’s all about control and killing competition! They support things like cap and trade and fight for 15 because those hurt smaller businesses. El Jeffy can handle those things with automation, like he’s doing in SoCal with his warehouses.

    *Note: I used Silicone instead of Silicon because they are a bunch of fake boobs.

  3. Kojack

    I have to confess that I have an Amazon Prime account and I do feel a twinge of guilt every time I make a purchase. Unfortunately, most of the specialty items I buy would take hours to find in a brick & mortar if I could find them at all. At work I see more and more company purchases from Amazon. We’re all feeding the beast like when we buy something that was made in China. If a conservative competitor came along, I would switch over to it without a 2nd thought.

    What’s disturbing is Amazon is pushing the shipping industry into directions they really don’t want to go to the detriment of the workers in some cases and degradations of services in others.

    As you say, Mike, even though he doesn’t say or realize it(at least not yet)Kunkle is calling out Bezos for hypocrisy, which is what 99.9% of liberals are guilty of. The question is, why is he calling out Bezos vs others?

    I suspect it is partly self-interest (his own paycheck and raises) – and partly loyalty to co-workers at the Post – back to the pre-Bezos days.

    They were a family-owned liberal rag for 80 long years before Bezos coughed up $250 million – to edge out any other bidders.

    He wanted a LOUD mouthpiece right there in Washington – a NOISE that couldn’t be ignored.

    Kunkle points out he’s really more interested in the megaphone than the people who work there.