REVEALED: Obama Ignored Benghazi

Posted February 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

We always knew he was a lying punk!  Obama – ‘the man who got bin Laden’ – failed to even pay attention throughout the 7-hour 9/11 massacre at Benghazi.

Obama never even asked Panetta what was available to help! [This lends great credibility to the theories that this was an Obama WH directed staged kidnapping – to exchange Ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheik.]

Now listen to the lamest 4-star in my memory:

General Martin Dempsy has a Masters in Literature – and has served his entire career as a staff puke.  He is unprepared and unfit to lead or command.  He should be shamed into retirement.

Take NOTE Americans: You’re learning this five (5) months AFTER the attack – three (3) months AFTER the ELECTION!  And the MEDIA is…where?

Slowly the mainstream media starts to nibble at the edges…

3 Responses to “REVEALED: Obama Ignored Benghazi”

  1. Tom

    Whether it was a failed kidnapping or a gun running operation to Turkey and to the anti Assad faction, Obama has exposed his meddle, but unless and until someone stands in the House or Senate and openly challenges this fraud, the State of the Union would be the perfect stage. Can you say Joe Wilson?

  2. William Clark

    So Fox has dropped this issue like a hot potato, Hillary showed her IQ was about 50 points higher than the congressional committee. Looks like IM RR won’t let this one rest. Would like to see comments on the Morris, Palin dismissal from Fox. Understand Rove was brought in for a meeting, who’s next Krauthammer? I am in Southern Alabama this week after the recent kidnapping, the top news here is passing a law to eliminate School Bus Trespassing, less affluent Alabama residence have apparently allowed to ride with students on any school bus. This may have been the initial issue with how the kidnapping began. Mr. Charles Poland the driver was certainly heroic.

    You can rest assured William that when 4 State Dept personnel are set up as bait or targets – and murdered – and an indifferent or complicit pResident does nothing for 7 hours…yeah, you can be assured we won’t let it rest.

    We were raised better than that!

  3. William Clark

    Indifference and Incompetence was far surpassed with the “Mission Accomplished” Banner and the “Bring it On” statement, these were deliberate and certainly cost more lives. In those days UCMJ Articles 88, 89, 91, 133 and 134 prohibited me from stating the obvious about our sitting pAccident GW. Noticed you stopped showing the Dow post-election. Rove splitting the party? – Any thoughts about one large unified Democratic Party against a divided Republican Party?



    Yeah Willie, I think you’re the biggest candy-ass liberal rump swab to ever wear a uniform – including LBJ, Jimmy Carter, and Lurch….