Return Engagements For Obamanistas?

Posted August 14th, 2020 by Iron Mike

If Biden gets elected (only by obvious widespread fraud) – we Patriots may need a goodly supply of wooden stakes…

Voters need to understand,  – that for all his 39 years in government,  Joe Biden never managed anything.   Even his sister ran his campaigns.  With no peeps of his own,  – he’d be needing help.  Any guesses…?

We’ve watch this phenomena before – Democrats and even some “Republicans” running for high office with minimal or no management experience;  – no military command,  – no business management,  – never having to worry about meeting a payroll or answer to stockholders….

Yet in 2008 the junior senator from Illinois – with no birth certificate and sealed records, – slid through debates and media scrutiny, – and was elected.  He had no entourage of peeps, – and had to rely heavily on the Clintionistas – including Hillary herself.

We can at least enjoy a quiet chuckle – knowing that Obama was the first Democrat to fully understand what an empty suit Joe Biden really is.  And since 2009 he’s only gotten worse as the dementia eats away at his brain.

Who might Slow Joe call on to run his White House and fill the open cabinet positions.    Who are HIS PEOPLE?

Biden is already conspicuously insecure,  hates probing questions,  and displays a quick and nasty temper.  Would he want to insulate himself from his brazenly aggressive VP Kamala Harris – by bringing in some familiar faces?

Would Kamala Harris even have an active policy role;  – or would perhaps Hillary or Michelle Obama become the de facto ‘acting VP for Policy’?

There is a HUGE difference between talking bullshit,  posing for photo-ops,  and actual 24 x 7 x 365 / 366 running the government.   

Who will Biden call on for help?  Is he even smart enough to ask?

God FORBID Biden gets elected;  – but if it happens we’re sure to see the return of Susan Rice and Samantha Power.   What role would the traitor Kerry want?  SecDef?

We already know who Biden wants to run ATF:


The Russians and the Chinese have severely tested each American President since 1945.

Some measured up,  – some like Truman,  LBJ,  and Carter flunked.  Clinton sold secrets to the Chinese for re-election cash,  and Obama sold us out wholesale.

We already know how Biden deals with foreign governments:

2 Responses to “Return Engagements For Obamanistas?”

  1. W Larry

    Remember, the CCP and their western globalist billionaires have bought every leftist political leader in the world.

    They are the dregs of society, incompetence breeds corruption. Easy targets for bribery and subversion by the CCP.

    Public office means self-service period to these delusional, useful idiots.

    Understand however that it is too late to change what is coming, a worldwide purge of those who will not acquiesce to the left (the chinese communist party).

    There is only one way out of this mess and that way has nothing to do with this soon destroyed earth.

  2. Jim Buba

    We may indeed need Red Carpet Balming