Retired Hag Wants Disability

Posted July 25th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Screw you Taxpayer! I know how to work the system.”
Working The System

Deval Patrick’s pick for State Police Superintendent in Jan 2010 was clearly an Affirmative Action selection. On Colonel Marian McGovern’s watch State Police discipline and morale deteriorated. There was a series of unfortunate incidents involving troopers.

Amazingly, even oblivious Duh-val took note. McGovern stepped down in June. Now she’s claiming ‘disability‘. She’ll collect $13,583.33 PER MONTH! Just what IS her ‘disability’?

If she is suddenly ‘disabled‘ in July, – wasn’t she likely ‘disabled‘ in June? Wasn’t she likely ‘disabled‘ a year ago – or even when she was sworn in as Superintendent? Did she cover up her ‘disability‘ – so she could earn that final highest salary? Isn’t that dishonest?

We were very poorly served by this bulbous incompetent fraud. Now she proves herself just another bloated grubbing greedy piggy at the welfare trough.

Her ‘disability’ was her lack of command presence, lack of leadership, and obvious lack of moral fiber. She is a walking disgrace to the solid corps of Mass State Troopers. They should forever shun her.

What can you do? Our Mass State House is 128/160 Democrats, – the Senate is 36/40 Democrats. You need to vote OUT the Democrats, and vote IN Republicans who will really FIX the corrupt system.

And in the meantime – get on the phone to your Democrat – and let them know what you think of this travesty. How can we expect our State Police to investigate crime, when they commit crimes on duty, off duty, and in retirement?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Retired Hag Wants Disability”

  1. Tom

    The dirty little secret is that disability pensions are tax free and she also receives health care as well. All of this largess is on the taxpayers, which she and her cohorts are not. This is more of the growing unfunded state pension lability that our corrupt politicians avoid discussing during the political season. Ask them what they plan to do?

  2. Len Mead

    Fellow Rabid readers,
    I proudly forwarded the sordid details of this taxpayer rip-off to my state and senate “representatives.” Probably nothing will happen – but it sure felt good! Len Mead

  3. TeaTime

    I can confirm – over the past few years – the State Police would not back their troopers when they needed the support. Top that off with a corrupt court system, biased DAs and probate problems, it is no wonder our troopers have low morale. Her replacement is not going to be any better. There are rumors that barracks will be closed! Many of the troopers near retirement are thinking of getting out early.