Results Of The Vice President Debate…

Posted October 4th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Mike Pence won the debate!!  He spoke from the heart and from personal knowledge.  He spoke directly to the audience.
Scary Clown Tim Kaine won the shouting and interruption contest.
He stuck doggedly to the talking points Hillary gave him.   I’m not sure that Tim is familiar with our Constitution, – or with current events.
Moderator Elaine Quijano was clearly anti-Trump,  pro-immigration,  and woefully unable to keep Kaine from interrupting.  She should have had a gavel to stop him.


Wednesday Morning Follow-up

OK,…with a little sleep and morning coffee, – my head is clearer and I can try to put the thing into simple words.

In short, Pence proved himself worthy of becoming President should tragedy ever strike. He is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and calm spoken gentleman. Trump chose wisely.

Little Timmy had several options last night:

He could have proven himself worthy of being President,…

– or he could play the ‘attack-dog’ – and go after Trump and Pence.

His decision and the results are very telling…..

He came on like a frothing pit-bull and displayed exactly ZERO presidential qualities.


Several networks are reporting he interrupted Pence some 70 times – nearly once a minute.

BUT,…he wasn’t very good at it, because Pence refused to be bullied.

The result was he made himself look like a shop steward sitting in on his very first union contract negotiation, – determined to let everybody know how important he was feeling.

There was nothing presidential in either Kaine’s words or his behavior.

The words boorish and bullying kept coming to mind last night – and Creepy Clown.

Once again Hillary’s judgment in picking him is brought into sharp question.

Did she really think this ranting loudmouth could become President – on a minute’s notice?

We know that Hillary is seriously sick, – and ~ if ~ she did win, she would be unlikely to live out even a first term. Does anybody who witnessed those awful 90 minutes last night really want to see the Creepy Clown sworn in?

Lifelong Democrats, – 3rd and 4th generation Democrats,…must be squirming this morning.

Last night was one of those events that cannot be un-remembered.

5 Responses to “Results Of The Vice President Debate…”

  1. Leonard Mead

    The Kardashian pop culture voters will think Kaine “won.”

    Pence was too decent to slap back constantly at the rude democrat liar — too hesitant to get down in the sewer with Kaine while the biased CBS “moderator” allowed the painful event to continue unsupervised.

    Thank God Trump delights in fighting the democrat machine. Now, if only Trump can resist taking the bait in the next debate and use his time to uncover how evil Hillary and her policies are, the country has a chance to be saved.

    More of this kind of performance — orchestrated by the biased media — and the country is gone.

    Len Mead Unwashed Conservative, Florida (now in Vegas)

  2. Mt Woman

    Mike Pence showed class, intelligence and skill in mangling the spin-nonsense of the Clinton machine. Pence ran away with the debate.

  3. MC

    This is who Kaine reminds me of but I have more respect for Red than I do Kaine. After seeing the picture on Drudge of Hillary’s Right-Hand person I had to post this.

  4. Robby G.

    Pence showed real CLASS in this “debate”.

    Tim Kaine came across like rude childlike smug arrogant ass… guess where he got that from?

    The “moderator” was probably the worst I have ever seen in any presidential debate. Zero control over anything and clearly biased against Trump / Pence.

    The Wall just got 10 feet higher!

  5. William Clark

    I think Pence did a Good Job carrying the water for Trump.

    Later in his career he may regret it.

    I think he is a dead ringer for “Race Bannon” from Johnny Quest, he was also the underling in that series.


    Willie, Willie, Willie….

    …your Creepy Clown made an utter ASS of himself….for 90 long minutes,…proving he isn’t even a gentleman!

    He got stomped on like a toad!